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Why It's Important to Have Friends

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (643 words)
Categories: Friendship, Relationship, True Friend
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Today I want to talk to you about friendship. We all know what friendship is about. Friends and stuff. Like I got to know, from a friend the best place to test ur friendship is an exam hall. We all know about friendship and there is literally nothing to tell u about it. So I have about 5 minutes, right, to waste. We hv 3 options – i can’t sit and we can do some literature work or I can let the next person speak, or I can just say stuff u already know.

I don’t wanna land into Trouble so let’s go with option 3.

I now begin- friendship is a relationship between. Two people based on understanding, trust, forgiveness, truth and love. I just wanna make an observation- as soon I said the word love Ayon was like “Ohhhhhhhhho”. That’s not like it ayon get ur facts straight. This is a school.

Okay back to the topic. Why should u hv friends? They never let u concentrate. U often waste hours talking to them and sometimes it’s bad company. Okay u want more? I honest don’t see any other benefit of having friends. But okay they help u maintain ur physical and mental health, they help release stress and they help us teach forgiveness and trust and friends r like a test , for young people, on how to build solid relationships.

“ a true friend is a person who doesn’t take ur instults seriously, but actually will roast u back twice as hard “ – prajwal Thakur. The son of Audi Kolkatas ceo and my friend.

I wanna tell u this story Of this friend once who had this amazing analogy of what a true friend is. I would like to maintain his anonymity so ill call Aditya, Aaryan. He told me “Kushal, today I’m gonna tell you what. True friend is” I’m like okay. He goes on “ a true friend is a person who will come to ur house on friendship day to give u a band to signify ur friendship”. The I’m like so by that u hv no true friends. He’s like “ no no no no no. Last year Rakhi and friendship day were on the same day. So me n my sister r true friends. “ he had no own sister. Only a cousin. And I told him no she came just for family obligation. Actually before she came to u she approached me and gave me a friendshiop band. That was 4 yrs ago. We haven’t spoken ever since. In hindsight I should hv introduced him to Prajwal.

Jokes apart. A true friend isn’t one of those people. It’s a person that will stay by u when u need them the most is a true friend. A person who finds the sorrow behind ur tears n the happiness behind ur success is a true friend. A friend 60 who encourages u whether ur 6 or 60 is a true friend. A person who will help u. Find success and always be there to comfort u when u fail is a true friend. A person who hits u Lovingly Is not. But most importantly a true friend is a person who will sacrifice their happiness for u.

Friendship in this world is so important. U need a person who can trust in a dangerous world out there. Friends should be like Karn n Duryodhan #mahabharatreference or like joey n Chandler #fruendsreference. Please don’t ask me what’s friends. Companies gphave been built and broken due to friendships. A few examples are Snapchat, Instagram, PayPal, Facebook, etc being built by friends and Are examples of companies failing due to friendship break. Hence u would like to conclude by saying that friendship is line on the most important things a human needs and must keep. Thank you.

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