Why It Should be permitted Essay

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Why It Should be permitted

Euthanasia is a Greek word which means ‘good death. ’ It is the practice of bringing to an end the life of a person in a painless manner (Misbin, 14-15). For years many people have debated over this issue on whether it is right or wrong. Euthanasia is either voluntary or doctor assisted with the former being done with the consent of the patient and the latter done in consideration of the circumstances surrounding the patient. This discussion seeks to reinforce the fact that Euthanasia is actually a person’s right and it should be allowed amidst all controversial debates that it is wrong.

As mentioned already euthanasia falls in different categories the major ones being voluntary and doctor assisted. Usually euthanasia is done to critically ill patients who are going through severe pain or people with terminal illnesses that are not curable and are suffering as a result of these illnesses. It is therefore seen as a manner of ending the agony and suffering that such people go through. It is rather obvious that the wearer of a shoe knows where it pinches most. A person who is not going through the pain may not understand what the one going through the pain is experiencing.

Euthanasia should therefore be allowed for ensuring quality of life. A quality life is not one of pain (Rae, 32-35). The second reason why euthanasia ought to be permitted is that the world is democratic and one’s choice is paramount (Kohl, 49-53). Thus if a patient chooses to have his/her life brought to an end it is only fair to have this decision respected. Another reason why euthanasia should be allowed by all means is due to economical reasons. Hospital space is increasingly becoming a problem and it is only wise to help create space. Congestion in hospitals lead to low quality services and the rate of deaths go high.

Euthanasia is thus a method that helps reduce congestion in hospitals. Those opposed to euthanasia argue that human life is sacred and must not be brought to an end voluntarily. As a matter of fact many states protect a person’s life and ending a person’s life is a crime against the state. However there is still a strong wave that euthanasia should be legalized. If doctors have been given a right to create life in the laboratories, they also ought to be given the right to bring it to an end especially when the patient desires or when circumstances require that such an action be taken (Ewin, 89-92).

As already mentioned human life should be quality. If a person is going through pains and suffering as result of a disease or terminal illness then he/she is not leading a quality life. A life that is not quality is better off not being done away with. Those who support this practice argue that if a person’s health condition is one that nothing can be done as it is terminal then it is no use to make a person suffer when they will eventually die as a result of the condition.

I therefore believe that in the foregoing of the above mentioned reasons euthanasia should be permitted to ensure that people lead a quality life and nothing short of that. Work cited: Ewin, R. Reasons and the fear of Death. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002. Kohl, M. Beneficent Euthanasia. Michigan: Prometheus Books, 1975. Misbin, R. Euthanasia: The Good of Patient, the Good of Society, Michigan: University Pub. Group, Michigan, 1992. Rae, S. Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics, London: Zondervan, 2000.

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