Why is Mathematics So Important in Our Everyday Life?

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A lot of people in the world do not know the importance of maths in our life. Math is always being around and helps us understand the world. The fact is that mathematics has a great role in everyday life but is not easy to see. It is present in devices that are widely used but are often obscured by technology. A wide range of smart appliances today incorporate methods of fuzzy logic. Salaried workers still receive money through ATMs but few know if there are no safety algorithms in place that their money will not slip into the pocket of the thief.

Math is not just about numbers. Mathematics also helps us to have logical thinking, which will make it easier to gain access to fields and situations. Let say if we want to measure the height of a column or the height of a pyramid in Egypt; should we climb to the top of the tower to measure it or how can we do it? If you know how to use the knowledge of the application of trigonometry and triangles, the measurement becomes extremely easy.

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In addition, there are jobs that seem to have nothing to do with math, but if you look closely, mathematics is everywhere. For example, a cashier must have accurate counting skills; the courier must have the skills to calculate, arrange the reasonable time to put which first, which later, save energy for yourself; engineers need to use mathematics to design and calculate building materials.

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Sellers need to use math to charge, collect, and return the excess money to customers.

Those examples above show that math is life because it always has a connection with our life. The purpose of mathematics is to improve life, the need for life is the driving force for mathematics to develop.

Math is everywhere in our life. As you can see, the knowledge of math is being used all the time during your college. No matter what your major is, you will always need to have math classes or other classes that relative to math. Many professors, such as engineering, doctor, nurses, medicine, physics, computer science, require math proficiency.

Math is playing a very important role in our life and it is always around us. Mathematics is a key, a tool, that always being needed in life.

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Why is Mathematics So Important in Our Everyday Life?

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