Why Is It Important to Attend School Daily Essay

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Why Is It Important to Attend School Daily

Why is it important to attend school daily? , to begin with under State Law a student age 6 through 18 is required to attend school, to receive credit in a class the student must attend 90 percent of the days the class is offered daily to make the most of his or her education . Most importantly the student’s only job is to attend school daily, there will be times an exception will have to be made, but the student’s parent will have to write a legitimate excuse signed by them to be turned in by their child no later than 3 days after their absences.

When the absences are not excused they will be exactly that “unexcused absences” that will eventually add up, when there are more than 3 unexcused absence days or part of days in a four-week period or 10 or more days or part of days in a six-month period the parent and the student will be subject to prosecution. Being a truant student is considered a Class C misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine not to exceed $500, there are and will be many consequences to missing school and an excuse is not written.

Education is the most important thing in a child’s life he or she from an early age needs to be thought that without an education there is no chance of success or acquiring a long life career of your desire. Who wants to be stuck in a minimum wage job the rest of their life, most likely flipping burgers at the local McDonalds instead of being in air conditioned office working only 8 hours a day earning a 56,000 salary annually.

The salary does vary but with a four year college degree you are guaranteed to make more than the minimum, just like any job requires their employees to be on time schools require their students to do the same each and every day . Since the State law requires you to be in school more than 90% of the time and each class is 70 minutes long, the student cannot be more than 7 minutes late or otherwise he or she will be marked absent for the rest of the class period.

Teaching the students to be on time will benefit them in the long run to be punctual, and will also prevent them from being late and being marked absent. But overall it is important to attend school daily because in the long run it won’t affect anyone but the student to miss school , he or she will miss school and fall behind and I know no student likes to fail I would know I’m a student, second when all the “ unexcused absences” add up a case will be filled against the student and the parent requesting them to ttend court only to be given a ticket up to $500 and finally the school will most likely will deny the students credits but in some cases the student is given the chance to appeal all of their absences ,as I was and end up doing 14 or more hours of detention and writing a 2 page essay on” Why it is Important to Attend School Daily” like I am currently. So as a student who missed a lot of school days recommends you to not miss school as much as you can, it will prevent you from all the hassle.

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