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Why Is Effective Communication So Powerful?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (503 words)
Categories: Action Speak Louder Than Words, Actions Are Louder Than Words, Communication, Effective Communication
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The power to successfully communicate is a critical skill in the world today. Communication is the active development and how we communicate can clearly and undesirably affect our relationships with friends, family, coworkers, supervisors, and spouses.

Communication is more than words we speak; it is verbal and nonverbal cues that we send or receive to others face-to-face. Here are some examples of verbal and nonverbal cues, it’s the tone of your voice (how you say it), the intentions behind your message (why you said it), the time of day of the agreement (when you said it), what you haven’t said (what you do not say), and your nonverbal cues (facial expressions, eye contact, body language).

Communication has some hurdles to essentially communicate with others. These hurdles involve assessing a person, not paying attention to the person you are talking to, using technological words, giving answers to unwelcome guidance, and dodging the anxieties of others.

The first hurdle which includes assessing a person, which means you are condemning a person’s character. The second hurdle, not giving any notice to the person that is chatting to you, one example of this the sender is playing with his or her electronics while talking to the receiver. The third hurdle, using technological words when speaking. For example, they are using a dialect appropriate to their career. The next hurdle includes the sender gives the receiver unwelcomed guidance which could be the correct or incorrect information. Finally, the fifth and final hurdle is dodging the unease of others, the hearer does not deliver any troubles or worries (redirecting the discussion). Knowing that these hurdles don’t affect me on how I communicate with others is great but teaching the younger generation like your children can be difficult. Technology is taking over the world and everyone communicates with their phones through Facebook, text messages, and even video chatting.

Successful communication does not happen immediately, it is a skill that is developed and planted. Since birth, we have learned basic communication skills, but as we grow older, we build to communicate each and every day by aggressively listening, nonverbal communication, asking questions, being clear, clarifying, being empathetic, provide feedback, developing trust, and being present. Some ways that I have learned to be an effective communicator are aggressively paying attention to someone (is not to interrupt them when talking), being aware of facial expressions (in nonverbal cues), ask questions (if you don’t understand), being clear when you speak, understand the feeling of other people (empathetic), evolving confidence (actions speak louder than words), and being existing (accepting the others for who they are). It takes someone more time than others to realistically communicate appropriately, it does not happen immediately.

Taking this class has taught me to be mindful of what you do, say, or actions when effectively speaking face-to-face with friends, family, spouses, and coworkers. Communication is the verbal and nonverbal cues that we use correctly and incorrectly daily. Communication is very powerful and is the key aspect of our lives every day.

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