Why Is Child Abuse and Rape Popular on Other Sites

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Back in august of 2014, the FBI hacked into a child exploitation site that had over 215,000 members with 117,00 posts and traffic of 11,00 visitors per week. On a bulletin board the FBI found numerous posts of child abuse imagery and advice as to how online detection can be potentially avoided by child sex abusers. The FBI seized the computer server that ran playpen in 201 The server belonged to a web hosting service provider located in Lenoir in North Carolina. The FBI then procced to host playpen on their servers in Newington, Virginia, for a period of more than two weeks from February 20th to March 4th.

The FBI then deployed a hacking tool – network investigative technique (NIT) – and made use of a single warrant to identify 1,300 IP addresses of visitors accessing the website.

These addresses where traced to the individual users. As of now, the investigation has resulted in more than 1,500 cases. NITs effectively captured the actual IP addresses of user computers and identified the computers’ operating system, architecture, MAC addresses, hostname and active operating system username.

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he hacking tool then issued a unique identification to each user. Though the FBI has deployed NITs in the past, the agency was able to get through the Tor for the first time only in the case of Playpen. According to reports, the hacking tool secretly installed a Flash application on the computers of users even though they accessed the bulletin board through Tor and the traffic was encrypted. The application transmitted key data about the user back to the FBI outside of the Tor network.

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It is true that the use of NITs has been instrumental in bringing down child sex abusers, but what the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned about is the fact that the FBI has been able to hack more the 1,000 computers with the help of just one warrant. The Union wants the public and the Congress evaluate as to whether NITs should be used by law enforcement at all. For those more economically minded, child maltreatment results in an annual $124 billion cost in the U.S. More important, 23.1 per 1,000 babies under the age of 1 year suffer from child maltreatment, higher than the odds of being killed in a car crash, which is still high at a whopping 11.87 per 100,000. In fact, 1,580 children died in 2014 as a result of child abuse and neglect. It is even possible that some of these tragic occurrences are heightened in winter months as orthopedists discover more child abuse-related fractures in their offices. While child abuse has long been known to impact people from all demographics, research indicates 79.3% of child maltreatment comes from a child’s own parents. Child maltreatment is a more comprehensive term that includes neglect, medical neglect, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

More than half the perpetrators 54.1% are women, where 48.8% are white, 20% are African American, and 19.8% are Hispanic 7.3% unknown. So, what does this tell us?

Hopefully reporting these statistics helps break down some stereotypes. I think it also screams out that mothers need help. With the rise of single mothers and tougher economic times often necessitating the need for two-income producing parents, there may be some added burdens placed on mothers to juggle work and raising children. There may also be a need for education. Delving into numbers, child abuse cases are higher among infants and children under two years, the most critical time in a child’s life.

To understand the gravity of abuse in infancy, let’s look at what happens in infancy. The infant is entirely dependent on its mother or primary caregiver the first year after he/she is born, not just for feeding and diaper changing, but also for healthy brain development. Because the baby has not developed neurotransmitters to learn how to soothe itself, the mother acts as a kind of external nervous system and incubator that protects and nurtures the baby. As the mother calms and reassures the infant during stress, the baby’s own nervous system begins developing neural pathways that mimic the soothing so that in time when the child grows and is faced with a challenge, its own nervous system ‘remembers’ what to do and healthy self-soothing neural pathways are engaged and neurotransmitters are released to calm the child. This process of attunement where the mother listens to and empathizes with the infant’s needs instead of forcing, coercing, neglecting, and frightening is where love, trust, protection, and overall health in the baby is formed. Any disruption like continual neglect and ignoring baby’s cues or abuse can result in a deficit of neurotransmitters and frontal lobe impairment that leads to attention disorders, learning disorders, inability to delay satisfaction, and in extreme cases can lead to aggressive and antisocial behaviors, Gerhardt 2004, Dodge and Somberg 1987, Siegel 2012. It is this research on the brain chemistry development that leads experts to now discount the existence of an “aggressive gene.” Thus, nurture has more of an impact than formerly believed. top of that, additional research is revealing that any adverse childhood experiences ACE, are now shown to directly impact one’s health over the lifespan and decrease one’s life by 20 years if exposed to six or more adverse childhood experiences test follows.

Child abuse is systemic. Society can’t just blame the mother. Systems need to be put in place that better support the mother-child relationship. Historically, communities, churches and extended family stepped in and helped new mothers at higher rates. Today’s families are more fragmented and farther away from support systems. They tend to be more isolated in homes and compete with increasing “screen time” interruptions brought about through television, computers, and phones. Priorities have also changed as career and personal fulfillment goals have become increasingly imbued with desires for fame. The 65% increase of narcissism among millennials found by Jean Twenge may very well be a result of the inability to effectively self-soothe as narcissism can be a lot like a car that has a tire stuck in a ditch—yet in narcissism, the brain is stuck in the rut of self-preoccupation.

Again, if the baby and developing child are going to develop their own healthy nervous system and frontal lobe development that allows them to delay satisfaction and empathize with others, it needs a parent that can attune to it. Parents who are unable to provide the necessary attention may need greater support systems that act as a kind of external nervous system to them so that they can do the same for their children. Parents need to feel love, compassion and tolerance from others so that they can do the same for their children. They need a place where it’s safe to be human and ask for help. They need basic needs met (food, shelter, safety) along with a sense of belonging. Parent to parent support groups could be a start.

Recovery groups provide one model. With that said, one of the causes of child abuse that researchers are identifying is opioid addiction needs to provide her kids. It’s similar the feeling of release the addict is chasing through drugs.

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