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Why I Want to Study at Cornell

The design of Dyson by taking advantage of the strengths of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is through deliberation, and not available at other schools.

I’m intrigued by agricultural and sustainable aspects of economics under globalization. Two decades later after 1997 Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak, raw pork from Taiwan is still prohibited in Japan. GDP significantly dropped 0.4% then. The FMD was definitely from China by virus genetic sequencing. The recent outbreak of African Swine Fever in China is a potential threat.

Globalization brings many benefits but also comes with risk exposures.

Countries are likely to employ non-tariff measures to restrict imports/exports, especially for agricultural products. FMD is an example, while the others are beef of mad cow disease (BSE), leanness-enhancing drugs, antibiotics as growth hormone, pesticide residues, and so forth. FMD could be readily understood due to its high infectiousness. Beef of BSE could be explained by risk levels OIE (WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR ANIMAL HEALTH) assigned to areas.

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While the reaction to chemical residues is purely emotional or politically manipulated, even Codex has residue standards. America made efforts to export its meat products and met resistance due to non-tariff barriers.

Kaohsiung, where I’m living, is a port city and also abundant with aquaculture farms. Aquaculture production far exceeds wild capture these days. Jacques Cousteau wrote: ‘With earth’s burgeoning human populations to feed, we must turn to the sea with new understanding and new technology.” The challenge is how to deploy resources judiciously for sustainability.

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Milkfish and mussel farming is considered eco-friendly and energy-efficient than salmons and eels. There are also particular concerns about biodiversity and chemicals.

The other issue to address is overfishing. Marine and freshwater fish stocks are traditionally regarded as shared resources. Fishermen used to apply all possible means for the maximum economic yield resulting in overfishing. Several measures for fishery sustainable management and development were proposed. The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) is one of them to deal with the problems. The western and central Pacific areas consist of more than half of world tuna yield with the Japanese and Taiwanese fleets being the most important (Tacio, 2009). The committees set Limit Reference Points (LRP) and Target Reference Points (TRF) for different species, then Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) designated to different kinds of vessels. Most raw tuna is sent to Thailand and the Philippines for processing, while canned tuna available around the globe. Food on our table could derive from the other side of the world: another example of globalization.

The most fascinating and challenging parts of business under globalization are businesspersons have to be well aware of cultures, people’s behaviors, legal systems, political environments and economic conditions of various countries. Multinational enterprises have to deploy different strategies to cope with these difficulties. On the other hand, it’s the big data era. Business relies more and more on data analytics and is no longer regarded as a creative activity but a science combined with mathematics, psychology, sociology, economics, etc. I will keep endeavoring in math, a passion since childhood, and apply the knowledge into business analytics. Besides the business analytics stereotype of meticulosity, I want to arouse my curiosity and creativity within. Dyson and Cornell offer me the interdisciplinary resources in pursuit of intercultural skills and scientific researches.

Finally, business is teamwork that means cultivating the interpersonal relationship and communicating between clients, and colleagues are vital for performing a good job. Humans are social beings, driven to communicate and business is the universal language.

Students at Dyson are going to broaden horizons by interacting with those from various cultures, sharing different perspectives, fostering mutual respect, cultivating adaptability and global awareness. I hope to share my distinct Taiwan experience as well as learning, exploring, adding fun and variety to the community at Cornell. A diversity of opinions makes a better world.

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