Why I Want to Be a Lawyer Essay

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Why I Want to Be a Lawyer

“I love hats, especially that one. That looks nice. Maybe I could slip that one into my bag when no one is looking so I can go home and look very nice in that really cool awesome dashing hat.” Have you ever asked your self these questions, or even had a constant urge to steal things? Well I have, I am an open Kleptomaniac. These are the everyday thoughts of people who have Kleptomania. Kleptomania is a mental disorder in the brain that makes one bare the reacuring urge to steal. People with Kleptomania or Kleptomaniacs often have the urge to steal items have no use to them. Kleptomania effects 0.6% of the general population. (Mind Disorders) In fact 2/3’s of the people whom are effected by Kleptomania are found to be women.

There is no proven cause of the disorder but researchers belive that it is to be a genetic. Many people with Kleptomania also have another mental disorder such as OCD. There are many ways to treat Kleptomania just like most mental disorders. Medication is the comon way to treat it, but in some cases therpy can lead to a solution. Some medications that are used to treat Kleptomania are Prozack, Paxil, and Lythium. These drugs basically are used to balance the ceritonin levels in the brain.

There are five major symtoms or signs that lead to the diagnosis of Kleptomania. First, these individuals have an urge to steal things that they don’t need. Soon after, they may feel relief, fear or anxieity in occurance to the episode. This is seen in most indivduals with this disorder. There are many clues or signs leading to the diagnousis of Kleptomania. The most comon symtom is that these people will steal from public places and have very tense attitudes before stealing. In most cases of Kleptomania, women at the age of 30 are most vulnerable to this disorder, although symtoms can start as early as age 5. Kleptomania has several variations such as, those who seek attention, those with inpulsive behaviors, and some whom have been clinically diagnosed with depression.

The methods for therpy on this disorder. Some methods for this disorder are Aversion therpy, Covert Sensitization, and Systematic Desensitization. Aversion therpy is where they sugest you to practice mild pain techniques such as holding your breath for a long time when you think about stealing. Covert Sensitization is where you are supposed to picture your self stealing and getting caught when thinking about stealing. Systematic Desensitization is where you practice relaxing techniques instead of stealling. Kleptomania usually can start at early ages and whens it does it usually starts in teen years throught early 20’s.

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