Why I Want to Attend College Essay

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Why I Want to Attend College

All my life I knew two things: I would be at church on Sunday and that I was going to college. As for the latter, I really never gave much thought as to why I was going to college. As I approach the end of my senior year, it is becoming clearer. First, attending college helps one grow personally. Secondly, it will give you the opportunity to grow socially. Lastly, obtaining a college degree provides one with financial freedom. First, attending college will offer many opportunities to grow personally. As children, we are brought up with certain beliefs and usually associate with people who share the same beliefs. In college, one will be exposed to people from a variety of cultures with diverging beliefs and values. One may find this to be challenging, but as one grows personally; he or she will learn to stand firmly on their personal while learning to live peaceably with all men. This is easier said than done, but this is where personal growth plays an important role.

Learning to accept other’s people’s differences is not a negative nor does it mean you Secondly, while attending college one can be active in a variety of clubs, organizations and activities; and have a variety of friends which provide for social growth. Many times in high school, students are labeled by the clubs they are in or the activities that participate, but in college this is no longer true. One can be in whatever social activity he or she wishes without being labeled or placed in a box. The social opportunities are endless and open to all. Lastly, obtaining a college degree provides one with financial freedom. I never understood that-how can a piece of paper equate to money.

My understanding is once you obtain a degree it is yours and no one can take that away. When I obtain my degree in computer science, a person with a degree in art will not be able to be employed for my job. If I decide to leave my job my, piece of paper gives me the opportunity to find another computer science job. I do understand that the job market is reportedly difficult at this time, but with my piece of paper I will have something to use that no one can take away. The main three reasons why I want to attend college is to grow socially, personally, and obtaining a college degree provides one with financial freedom. As I get ready to take this big step in my life, I will keep these three reasons in mind and hope to become a better person because of my college experience.

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