Why I Want Study at Madison?

A student cannot reach the peak of her craft if her knowledge and critical thinking skills are weak, which is why I’m eager to explore what the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer. UW-Madison provides me the opportunity to further explore not only a wonderful school, but a wonderful city that offers prosperity and success. The university’s advanced strengths in the community, combined with the academic rigor, and the agriculture department alongside the opportunity for undergraduates to work with faculty on research.

Among the 24 departments and programs that UW-Madison houses allowing for varied opportunities for students, the City of Madison offers something for everyone no matter their interests, making it feel like an extension of my home. People from all backgrounds and all different interests can find friends, events, and activities that will fit them perfectly, no matter how obscure one’s interests might be.

The city congregates some of the least pretentious, most helpful, active, and well-rounded people in the world, creating the tight-knit community that Madison is.

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Given the opportunity to be a member of the Madison community, I’ll want to give back as well. The various volunteer programs through the Morgridge Center for Public Health such as Badger Volunteers appeals to me, as does the possibility of volunteering at the UW Health University Hospital as I have an interest in a medicine. Through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, I’m prepared to dive deeper into my passions as well as the challenges it will present me with.

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With the intent of majoring in Dairy Science, I’m keen to continue my passion of showing heifers with my love of the biological sciences. My father shares the same fondness as he also attended UW-Madison and majored in Dairy Science, but continued to pursue a career in agriculture as a genetic management specialist for ABS Global. Even following in his footsteps, I’d construct my own pathway through the university improving my abilities to conduct research in labs, strengthen my adaptability, and face extensive difficulties.

Madison’s Agricultural College intrigues me as I can take an array of unconventional courses with Professors Ruegg, Shaver, and Wattiaux. Further, the Dairy Science program provides an opportunity for independent research, which will allow for intensive group studies and in-depth research opportunities, and the superb networking opportunity provides the chance to meet and engages with prominent figures in agriculture-related studies, permitting a deeper insight and knowledge of the field. In addition to providing a strong foundation in agriculture, the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides me the opportunity to further explore dairy science through its academic rigor and undergraduate research, while paralleling studies with a stunning amount of activities on campus and around the surrounding beautiful City of Madison. While all of these are what UW-Madison has to offer me, I believe I can contribute my values and mindset that I’ve constructed in and out of the classroom to not only at UW, but in the agriculture environment, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond.

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