In this paper I will illustrate the fallowing two points: “why I joined the United States Marine Corps and how as an anti tank guided missileman with the billet of driver; I can be useful to not only TOW platoon but the current second section. I will begin by explaining chronologically the events that led me into making the life altering decision to join America’s finest fighting force, the tip of the spear, those who run not away from but towards the sounds of the gun; The United States Marine Corps.

I shall than thoroughly and objectively examine the billet of driver within an infantry platoon; and elucidate on how this billet (job) is useful. I will then proceed to illustrate as one who hold the hence forth mentioned billet how it is or can be useful to tow platoon. My decision to join the military in general I believe subconsciously started when my older brother returned from Army basic training.

While my brother was a pretty smart guy he had never really been to apply himself nor did he have the drive to, but whatever had happened to him during army basic training had made a change in him; a change for the best.

He came back and the transformation was evident in every single one of his actions and thoughts. He had a drive to accomplish all of his goals dreams and aspiration, not only that he had the discipline necessary to stay on his new found path.

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I went on to college in the fall fallowing his return from basic training not sure if these new traits and strength I saw in him would continue or disappear. When I returned home that fall after my first semester and talked to him and I saw the changes had stayed with him and grown even further.

With all that he had used the tools he had been given to accomplish so much in already so little of time. All that stayed in my head, but it did not become relevant to me until my sophomore year of college. I realized that while I was doing well, I was simply just going through the motions. That’s when I made the decision to join the military. I first though I would join the army like my brother, however through a series of events and a need to surpass my brother I decided to join the few the proud The United States Marine Corp. I joined with the fallowing goals and mindset.

I wanted to use the Marine Corps to not only further my education but focus it. I joined with the idea that once I got in I would have the drive and tools necessary to not only continue my education but just as my brother had done; I would strive to accomplish my dreams goals and aspirations with even more passion. Whether or not this has happened, is still to be determined. I think I’m still at the eve of my Marine Corps, wherever this institution will be able to help me accomplish what I hoped it would do career so that is all still up in the air.

Now onto the subject of what I can contribute to tow platoon as driver. The job a driver within tow platoon as I understand it is to: “Know all the vehicle formation, all mounted IA drill, be able to maintain and upkeep the vehicle(s) assigned to him as to lessen the load of the vehicle commander; he should also know and understand the job and knowledge of one billet above and below (in this case only above)”. As such those would be my contribution to the platoon as a driver in town platoon second section.

In summary I joined The united states Marine Corps with the purpose of furthering my education, and canalizing my energy and thoughts towards my aspirations, and work. Currently it seems like all of that will have to be at a standstill until the opportunity arises to forge forward with the aforementioned plans. On the subject of my contributions as a driver, I must maintain and increase my knowledge of what the driver is suppose know and be able to do; thus I will be able to contribute to tow platoon and second section by simply doing factions of the billet assigned to me.

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