Why I Deserve This Scholarhsip Essay

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Why I Deserve This Scholarhsip

I have constantly thought of returning back to College, I am submitting this essay to obtain the Scholarship. You ask why do I deserve the scholarship, and how will it help the organization. After carefully reviewing why I deserve the MG Scholarship, here is how I would summarize my Answer to your question, why I deserve the Scholarship. My Name is Juanita Monroe, I migrated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1972 with my mother and five siblings. We stayed with distant cousins in the new place leaving my immediate family behind. My mother want a better life and opportunity for us. I met challenges and adjust to this new environment and city.

In elementary school at the 6th grade I had a reading level above average. During the 9th grade I was the Class Vice President in middle school. Graduated from High School and made the Honor Roll several times. I was the 2nd oldest child, after graduating from high school. My father returned to Baton Rouge I resided with my mother and siblings now with two siblings. After graduating I married and had 3 children and shortly returned to work, and divorced my husband. While helping my mother, and she helping me in return Shortly after 4 years I returned to college in the evening the family responsibilities grew. with the family of eight.

I dropped out of college and had to start all over again. I was the first to graduated from college and get my Associate of Arts Degree in my family. I have met many challenges and have overcome them. I have raised four children, one child has graduated from Columbia University, two children are attending East Los Angeles City College one child is attending Southern California University. This is my reasons why I deserve the Scholarships.

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