Why Hate Rh Bill? Essay

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Why Hate Rh Bill?

“Everything is a choice. And everyone has a choice.”

Senate Bill 2865 or popularly known as the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) has been a popular argument and a motion on a debate. Why do we have to talk about this? Why should it be passed? RH Bill tackles about usage of condoms, availability of contraceptive medicines, sex education, and family planning. It is a choice that our government is giving us. It is not a privilege to choose. It is our right. The Catholic Church has been talking about this and why this bill should not be passed. They are arguing that this promotes the artificial way of family planning without realizing that it is the right of the people to choose whether to do it or to practice the natural way. They keep on insisting that the usage of condoms can invoke people to have more sex and practice pre-marital sex, whereas the sex education takes place. Sex education is not a direct instruction on how to do sex, but it is information on what sex are, pros and cons of engaging into it or other matters alike.

They also said that the availability of contraceptives may trigger the women to abort a child. But this is not the RH Bill is all about. We are against abortion but we are fighting for a choice, for a health care, for a better future. This is a basic need, especially for the women for they are the ones who get pregnant. Based on the latest statistics of UNAIDS on Global AIDS Epidemic, Philippines was one of just nine countries reported of having a 25 percent increase rate in HIV/AIDS cases from 2001 to 2011. This is very alarming. Health authorities attribute the rising cases to low usage of condoms. This case clearly states that our nation is in need of a law that shall support the reproductive health of its people. Pope Benedict XVI said before in an interview that using condoms could prevent people from spreading or having AIDS and this could save lives. This statement of the Pope is contradicting to what the Philippine Catholic Church believes in. I am a Catholic…

With my age, I have basic knowledge about the reproductive health care and at the same time, I consider family planning methods and techniques as helpful especially when we put our children’s future as our main concern and priority. Anyway, the bill says that it has no bias towards either the modern or natural methods of family planning. For young individual like me, the need to educate young students about contraceptives is not as awkward as others might perceive it to be. What more, if we are open about these topics, we will be empowered as we go through our adolescent stage and adulthood. I was taken aback when I heard of somebody saying that the RH Bill is encouraging premarital and extramarital sex as long as people use contraceptives. I think this is totally wrong. To campaign for and publicize the proper use of contraceptives is totally different from further promoting immoral acts. Now, let me get to point of why I am pro-RH. First, again I will repeat that this is a choice.

This could be an option for the people. They have the rights to choose of what they prefer in family planning, in usage of condoms, and taking of contraceptives. Second, this is for the women, to help them with their maternal health care. As we all know that there has been a rapid increase of death in women while giving birth. Next, to inform. There should be information dissemination on what are our responsibilities if we have sex. And lastly, to prevent and cure. Let us open our eyes to the society we are now. Where sex is casual and sex is a want. Some want it to have a child, but we also know that some just practice it without a control. RH Bill could prevent the spreading of human immune deficiency virus or HIV/AIDS. Some take contraceptives not just to control being pregnant but they have to take it because of a health need and RH Bill could be a cure.

We all need guidance no matter how young or old we are. We are not perfect individuals in this earth. I find the RH Bill helpful considering the current problems and issues that we are now facing in our modern society. We have abortion among teen-agers, thefts here and there, blocked canals because of excessive plastic trashes, extreme poverty, and the like because we refuse to be educated. We refuse to listen and be guided. We reject empowerment. We are insensitive to the needs and feelings of humankind. And why are all these problems both magnified literally and philosophically? It is because of the tremendous population growth that we are going through. So why hate the RH Bill?

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