Why Has Immigration Reform Been Criticised Essay

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Why Has Immigration Reform Been Criticised

The first criticism with immigration reform lies with conservatives, who reject the idea of of providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, as it would reward them for disregarding United States immigration laws. the GOP have always been harsh on illegal immigrants and against any sort of reform favouring them to enter the U. S. For example Bush and most Reoublicans voted in support for the Fence Act of 2006. This act authorised 700 miles of physical barriers, satellites, and re-enforced the infrastructure at the boarder.

Republicans also were strongly for the 2007 comprehensive immigration reform act that strengthened the boarder between Mexico and increased the number of boarder agents by 20,000, however it was shortly debated and defeated in both houses. It even went as far as Arizona passing a very controversial bill that aimed to identify prosecute and sport illegal immigrants. The law even went as far as requiring all illegal immigrants to carry immigration papers on them very reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the jews.

This shows from a republican point of view immigration reform has been critiszed and U. S has been to lenient on illegal immigrants. However switching to the liberal side they also have criticised it and said it has not gone far enough. The democrats have always been in favour of immigration reform and have passed several laws making it easier for them to enter the country. Special order 40 was a police mandate in 1979 that stated Officers can’t question people for the sole purpose of discovering their immigration status.

The Hart Cellar Act also permitted 170,000 visas per year and focused on immigrants skills and family relationships with citizens of U. S. However the biggest piece of legislation the Democrats are pro is the Dream Act. The act was passed in 2001 and helps kids study in the country. However for what has been passed the democrats believe it has not gone far enough and are trying to pass more immigrant legislation. An immigration bill currently under consideration from Senate Judicial Committee is set to be altered by Patrick Leahy a democrat from Vermont.

Leahy is looking to include protection for gay and lesbians immigrants, and the Republicans are un-happy about this. The President also looks to sit bureaucratic waiting times for U. S. citizens aswell as passing a law that would put 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship. This shows illegal immigration has not gone far enough according to the Democrats and legislation still needs to be passed to ensure easier citizenship. Some may also argue the guest workers program is controversial.

Labior unions, human rights, and some hispanic organisations attacked the guest workers program, claiming that it would create a group of underclass workers with no benefits. in April 2013 construction groups critsized the limits in the guest worker deal and states its ‘unrealistic’. they believe the government is allowing too many un-skilled guest workers to be granted visas each year. They believe it would create a greater amount of low skilled workers and potential tax-dodgers. This who’s immigration reform is controversial as certain interest groups call for it to be reformed.

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