Why Guns Should Be Banned in Australia?

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Persuasive Writing task: Banning of guns in America
Ever since the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school, it has brought attention to the people around the world for the introduction of the banning of guns. In recent years, the firearm related deaths in America soared to over 30,000, but in Australia in the same year, we have only had 236 deaths resulted from firearms.

This is a huge difference and the major reason why is because of the introduction of the gun laws which banned certain guns in Australia in 1996 where the deaths every year where cut in half in the years that followed.

Putting forth a gun law will not make any criminals follow the rules. For example, the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting occurred because Adam Lanza didn’t follow the gun laws because they are too flexible.

They allow certain guns to be purchased which allowed his mother to purchase weapons which he took forcibly and went on a rampage at the school.

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The solution to reducing crime is to go to the source of the problem, guns. Not just introducing a gun law, no, this will not stop anyone, but instead banning guns all together. Banning guns will greatly decrease the crime, homicide and suicide rates in America.

If criminals don’t have the weaponry but the police forces do, the criminals will not stand a chance against them. This will lower the crime and murder rates because the police will be able to stop them and prevent them from injuring or killing anyone.

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This will ensure safety and peace is maintained in the city.

The prohibition of guns will also decrease the amount of massacres in the US. Research has shown that out of the 62 massacres from 1982, 49 of those mass shootings were committed with weapons obtained legally from firearm stores. The banning of guns will have prevented those 49 mass shootings and saved hundreds of lives. Research has found that there are around 89 firearms in every 100 people in America. A common argument against the banning of guns is that they would have lost all aspects of self-defence if their side arms were to be taken away from them.

That is totally untrue because there are many other ways that people can provide self-defence. Martial arts training and even persuasive talking can help you get out of dangerous situations and instead of using guns as a self defence mechanism, people could use non-lethal options such as a Taser or pepper spray to fend off their attackers and non-lethal options sometimes can immobilise offenders more effectively than guns. Guns are not the only reason there is a lot of violence in America. Violent video games are also a major factor contributing to violence and crime.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Saints Row are games that have very mature content which could affect the mind of the gamer. Several mass shootings such as the Sandy Hook mass shooting and the Columbine High School massacre were inspired by video games. The shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school, killing 26 people including 20 innocent children, were inspired by trying to beat a ‘High Score’ and overcoming the previous record of 77 killings by Anders Breivik at the Workers Youth League summer camp.

The Columbine High School shootings were done by two teenage perpetrators who played video games such as “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D” which are very violent video games and banned in some countries. America needs to introduce a ban of guns because people are in danger every day.

Removing guns out of the American system will not only keep people safe, but also reduce gang crimes and save the US 174 billion dollars which they could better use to fund shelters for homeless people, research into curing diseases and fund schools. Empty promise after empty promise, shouldn’t America, after so many deaths that have gone to vain, follow in the footsteps of countries that have successfully lowered their crime rate and introduce a gun law which is a clear solution that will evidently save many more lives to come. Psalm Cheng

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Why Guns Should Be Banned in Australia?

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