Why Good Things Happen to Bad People Essay

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Why Good Things Happen to Bad People

In The Problem of Evil, Eleonore Stump, summarizes and debates three accounts to why there is evil in the world. She concludes with a solution rather similar to Hicks. Stump believed that evil exists due to free will. It was displayed in the Christian story of Adam & Eve. She believes that though Evil does exist, it is necessary for there to be a relationship between people and God. The good the free will produces, ultimately out weighs “subsequent evil” created by the same thing. It is due to the divine relationship people have with God.

Salvifici Doloris’s, The Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, was split in five separate sections. The first touched on how suffering is “inseparable from the human experience. ” The second goes into how there are different types of suffering. One can suffer physical and or emotionally. It is due to “evil which is defined as a certain lack, limitation, or distortion of the good. ” The third section addressed the question of why people suffer. Like in When Bad Things Happen To Good People, the Book of Job is discussed.

This sections concludes with the idea that “the answer to the reason/ purpose of human suffering has been given by God to the human person in the cross of the Jesus Christ. Section four, goes over how without suffering one cannot perish. Jesus Christ suffered both voluntarily and innocently. In section five, Doloris wraps up by addressing how suffering allows for people to manifest moral greatness. It builds a person just as much as it can break a person. Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote When Bad Things Happen to Good People in response to his sons death.

He first goes on to declare that when misfortune strikes someones life they turn to God as the problem, when instead it could be the source of something else. Kushner goes into the story of Job. A man who has all his worldly possessions taken away, is saved by God, even after he claims God to be the reason. Sometimes thing just happen because of the randomness of the universe. It cannot be necessarily explained, but instead of asking why did it happen, people should ask what do I do now that it happened.

It is common that persons who hurt themselves in someway tend to be repeat offenders. God cant help people who wont help themselves. Instead of God being the reason for peoples problems it is fate. Problems show us that we are weak in comparison, and when people have exhausted all of their strength, God helps us through the rest. Bad things also happen for a purpose. No one can predict the path of a life, when misfortune strikes is to strengthen a person.

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