Why Good Students Sometimes Fails a Course

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Why Good Students Sometimes Fails a Course

It is horrible to perceive when good students sometimes fail a course. So, need to look the reasons behind the failure of good students. Why they fail a course? There are several reasons why good students sometimes fail a course. Here are just a few. Many good students fail a course because of lack of motivation. Motivation keeps a student from giving up when he/she faced with difficulties. Lack of motivation further leads to lack of interest, lazy, unprepared for the course.

For example, if a student opt a course without any knowledge about it and after that he/she may not like that course as well this will lead to less attention about his/her study. So, it is needed for a good advice or motivation before choosing a course. Second, poor time management is the second reason why good students fail a course. Poor time management is an umbrella problem with several related issues that can lead to course problem. For instance; some students do part time job, partying, dating and whatever else, this lessens their time for study.

It is rightly said that time and tide waits for none. Good time management enables students to utilize their time more productively. A student has to maintain his/her timetable according to a syllabus or his/her daily routine work for better result. Finally, too little or too much self confidence might be the reason that why good students fail a course. Too little confidence can prevent a student from building on their strengths. Too much confidence can prevent the development of their areas of weakness.

So, a good student has to need to gain more knowledge about his/her course during study to become successful in his/her course. Moreover, need to make a balance in his/her confidence to achieve the goal in his/her study. In conclusion, lack of motivation, poor time management and too little or too much confidence is the most important reason why goo students sometimes fail a course. There is a need to perform self analysis to identify and correct problems and must seek help where needed before it is too late.


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