Why going to college and getting a degree is important Essay

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Why going to college and getting a degree is important

I believe that in order to succeed in life, one must attend college and earn a degree if he or she wants a happy and successful career. A college education not only provides a competitive edge in the work force. It also provides financial security and changes you as an individual. Today a bachelor’s degree is now becoming a minimum requirement for most jobs. A college education makes you stronger and more confident as a person. Higher education helps you to discover a better quality of life, because you have a better understanding of what is happing in the world around you. There are many advantages on why you need to attend college and earn a degree.

In today’s economy you need to have a degree because the job market is becoming more and more competitive. Let’s pretend you are going to an interview. Your dressed appropriate and have a neatly typed resume and application in hand. You sit down next to another person waiting their turn to be interviewed. They also are dressed to impress and have a clean resume. If both you and the other applicant do extremely well on the interview the hiring representative will look at the resumes side by side. They look similar to each other but one thing is different, you went to college and have a degree; whereas the other applicant does not have a degree or nor did they attend college. The hiring representative will most likely hire you because you have a degree and it shows you can assert yourself into what you are doing and finish it. As you can see the job market is becoming more competitive with who they hire and looking at each applicant to see if they fit the needs of the company.

Another reason why getting a degree can help you succeed in life is having the knowledge and skills that you can use in your specific field of work. Most companies today would rather prefer someone that has the skill and knows the technology they use rather than someone who doesn’t. Companies don’t want to have to train someone on everything because it takes a lot of hours and a lot of money. Compared to someone who knows the knowledge and just need the little training on the company policies. Having the knowledge of a degree will open up more career opportunities rather than a job. You can also earn higher pay and a stable career. You have more of a chance to be hired on in a higher level job with a degree rather than not having one.
So having a degree helps you build the skills, and knowledge of your career.

In conclusion having a degree can help you become successful in life. You have more opportunities in promotions and career offers. You will have stability and be able to have a good financial retirement. When you do have a degree it will make life easier and not have to worry about what will happen in the future. When one door closes another will always open to lead you in the right direction. I believe having a degree will pave a successful and happy pathway for the future.

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