Why God Became Man Essay

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Why God Became Man

Strauss’ background of having been a teacher for several years, a great Pastor from 1939-1963, and a well-known author of the at least 19 biblical books; by far gives such a strong foundation, of his thorough knowledge of Gods purposes for and on the earth as a Man! In the article WHY GOD BECAME MAN Strauss in the onset attempts to reveal the incarnation of the person of God, not only being Son, He also was God, who became a fleshly being. Strategically, Strauss compiled his article by beginning to define and defend the incarnation to set up a foundation to examine God’s reasons for coming to us in human form. Through John 1 we see God’s reality being transformed into a man. The Word for the Old Testament people wasn’t just enough now we have the word walking among us, which now is within us.

The incarnation through Strauss article is proven to show his readers the importance of why God Himself had to experience are temptations and order to really know what we as humans feel. The fall of man, in Genesis 3 can only depict but so much but it gives great detail and solidifies the quality of Gods sovereignty but His un-acceptance to sin. Therefore; the second Adam comes in the person of Jesus which is also God in demonstration on how to live but not being unaware of the human feelings. Satan is defeated forever salvation is now available according to Hebrews 2:9,14-15. Finally the process of restoration to humanity through the work of incarnation is being set into motion; and Jesus throne is now what we strive for because we have been given the invitation to sit at the right hand of the father God along with Jesus ephesians 1:20.

The incarnation is and was created to have direct access to the Father, through the Father Jesus who is God; though, this can only be seen through salvation and the Holy Spirit of truth again found as read in John 14. However; throughout the article Strauss displays this on and off orthodoxy riddled with odd rhetoric and contradicting statements. He attempts to stay on topic while addressing everything from evolution to anti-Semitism. It’s hard to follow his train of thought because he is repetitively backtracking to make his premises fit his conclusions. In one breath he says that salvation is possible by merely looking at creation and in the next breath he is saying that Jesus Christ came that we can know God more.

I believe God’s greatest desire is that all men would know Him, not just with lip service but with a heart of servitude, love, and commitment to His will. I believe He reveals this through Paul in Philippians 3:10 when he exclaims that oh he might know God in His resurrection and become one with God in His suffering and to be shaped in His death. Paul’s cry was a sacrificial one because He was able to grab ahold to the person of God, and all God had provided for Him on the Earth and in Heaven. So now we understand that through the incarnation God has given us through His divine power everything we need for life and godliness; therefore we have no excuse not to look to the example He set before us.

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