Why go to College Essay

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Why go to College

I believe that one of the best ways for me to be successful in life is by going to college. In today’s world, getting through life happily seems hard to do with only a high school diploma. Hopefully going to college will give me the education I need to have a happy, successful life. Even though college is very costly and time consuming, I hope it will eventually get me a higher degree, so I can live life in a way that makes me happy. College should help me improve myself in many ways and also help me achieve my goals in life. The things I hope to do in college are; enhance my knowledge, obtain new experiences, and prepare myself for a career I enjoy.

Many people know that knowledge is the key to success. It is very hard for people without further education to support their families. My father chose to work with my grandfather straight out of high school. They are still in the flooring business to this day. My dad pushed me to go to college because he doesn’t want me to go through what he has to go through every day. The intense, physical labor, and the long hours at work make him regret what he chose as his career. He now knows that if he would have went to college, it could have changed his life.

Even though I don’t know what kind of degree I want to get out of college, I thought that going to college would be the best thing for me to do straight out of high school. Trying to live with the job I have right now would almost be impossible to support myself, let alone a whole family. It is proven that almost every person with further learning, makes more money than a person with just a high school diploma. Even though my parents are able to support my family, my dad only having a high school diploma, it is very hard for them to do.

Something that is very important to me, is finding a career that I actually enjoy. If I did find a job where I made a lot of money, but didn’t enjoy it, I don’t know if would be worth it. I need to find something that I am happy with, so I will be more willing to go to work every day.

I know that I will be spending the next few years of my life in college, and I will also be spending more money than I have. The reason I want to put myself through all of the schooling, is because I know it will give me a better future.

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