Why Get a Degree Essay

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Why Get a Degree

Why should we have a college education? What role does that play in our life? Growing up I have always thought of education as something that was obligated of everyone. Going to Elementary School, High School, and then right after that College was just a routine that was included in the “apart growing up” phrase. Little did I know that the so called routine wouldn’t be the exact routine I’d take part of in my life. After changing it up and thinking I may not pursue a college degree, my dad then influenced my pursuit of a college education.

Growing up I attended Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, but after High School I ended up taking a year off and attending a Christian gap year program called Link Year. I moved to Branson, Missouri and spent a year strengthening my foundation and growing in my walk with the Lord. Little did I know that after attending this gap year program and taking a year off, that it would make my desire for a college education shrink.

Why should I attend college? What was the point of getting a degree when I could go out into the world and work on furthering the Kingdom? Doing things that when I die would matter most to me. These were questions I would ask myself. I didn’t think getting a degree would matter or effect those desires and goals I had or would put a limit on them. But wait, could they?Would I regret not getting a degree when I’m older? Once I even hinted at my dad about not wanting to go to college and get a degree, he brought a new mindset that eventually would change my mind.

My dad pointed out many things. For starters, having a college degree opens up job opportunities. I never thought about having a degree effecting if I could get some jobs or not. Looking into specific jobs, almost every job seems to require some type of degree which totally makes sense. Adding to that when jobs see that you got a college degree… they see that you were capable to take on a difficult task and finished it, which also will give you pride and self confidence that you accomplished something challenging. Going to college and getting a degree isn’t easy.

It takes time, effort, and hard work! Going into jobs they will require time, effort, and hard work! Not going to college and getting a degree would limit my job opportunities and what places would hire me, which would limit the opportunities to be a light for Christ among people.

My dad continued to point out more reasons why getting a college degree was important, but these reasons weren’t necessarily aimed at the education aspect or job opportunities. Going to college and getting a degree allows us to meet people from many different interests and backgrounds.

There are people from all around America who can attend different colleges, and you never know who you will run into and get the opportunity to meet. It allows us to grow socially as we interact with other people who are also striving to improve themselves, and it is challenging us to grow intellectually as we hear from many people with different beliefs as well as have opportunities to share our own.

My dad influenced my pursuit of a college education. Now that I am aiming at a college degree, I will have more job opportunities to be a light in for Christ. I will have pride and confidence that I accomplished something challenging and can finish something that is difficult. I will meet many people with different backgrounds, and grow socially as I interact with other people. I will be challenged to grow intellectually as I listen to other peoples beliefs but also have the opportunity to share my own belief and the love I have for Jesus Christ. My dad influenced my pursuit of a college education, and because of it I will be forever grateful.

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