Why Education is the most important factor in a developing country?

Education is often considered the greatest opportunity you can give a child, purely from what the child can do with that Education, will they become a Doctor and save 100 lives? Or become a Scientist and cure Malaria?

They will also learn to be civilized, moral and then spread that to their children whom will possibly do the same until you have a lot of civilized people in one country working together and making trying their best to be the best people they can be, great countries rise, perhaps that may be why countries that see Education as “optional” are some of the most disorderly regions.

Those regions include, The Middle East, Africa, and some of Latin America.

According to Islamic beliefs, everyone is entitled to an Education; in fact, getting an education is described as “A Moral duty to yourself and Society” in the Quran but as the reader may know, Women are not allowed into Middle Eastern Universities and the Woman’s Father must approve of her Daughter even going to, what we know as, Middle school in The Middle East.

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Because Women are not allowed to study anything, including Politics, there is only a Male based government, and as we know by now, Men and Women are not as equal as we would like to admit, for instance, in countries where Women can hold political office (Europe, North America and Asia) are generally more peaceful areas of the world and that is because Men are likely to take a more stern and aggressive approach to threats while Women are more likely to want to avoid serious conflict and instead find alternatives.

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The point is that a bunch of governments, with only Men, are more likely to conflict with other countries because they don’t have something to bring them to sense when Violence seems like the best option, in The Middle East at least. In Africa, instead of religious reasons for people lacking education, the problem is Money. There are not enough good schools in Africa for all the children of the continent (obviously) and this leads to the kids having to work for whoever is hiring, which is usually one of the many warlords of Africa.

Of course, this is not true for all of Africa, for instance, South Africa and Egypt are in the top 30 for richest countries in the World and in South Africa, 81% of their population has received an education comparable to High school level. Egypt has a lower percentage (73%) but this is still much higher than most African countries. The greatest reason as to why Africa is in such a bad spot is because of European Imperialism, in the 18th Century, Africa was farmed by Europeans leaving them with less than half of the original natural resources they had before the Europeans came along, then they just left. Leaving the people with a freedom they hadn’t had in years, thus raised Warlords and corrupt political figures.

The majority of African countries have not organized themselves from this time and because of that, most of the children in Africa have suffered and not gotten an education which will undoubtedly lead Africa to some bad times. Unlike the Middle East and Africa, Latin American countries have OK educational systems that are widely accessible and that is encouraged by most parents, but why is this area some of the most violent? Because of the growing Drug Empire(s) that has taken over almost all of South America and 2/3 of North America and still growing, that promises a lot of very fast which is what everyone wants, especially the poor.

This is seen as a good alternative because school takes a lot of hard work that will cost a lot of money later on and even then, the job market is horrible unless you went to Harvard and got a 4.0 GPA all four years in undergrad, then exceled in Graduate school. However, if school was seen as the best option to the kids of Latin America, the kids have a great support system in their family to keep them motivated. Drugs are what are keeping most kids in Latin America from going to school and exceling in however they want to help Society. The world needs education because education teaches us the mistakes of the past, how to solve problems quickly and efficiently and basic civility.

The greatest countries in the World currently all spend monstrous amounts of money on Education and investing in their children’s futures because that’s what their parents did for them and it worked and this has been proven time after time. So, to summarize, the Middle East must end their Misogynic beliefs and allow everyone education, Africa must establish a better and much larger educational system in their respective countries and Latin America must destroy the Drug Empires that have almost been allowed to grow and fester in order for these countries/regions to prosper to their full potential.

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