Why Education Is The Key For The Future Essay

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Why Education Is The Key For The Future

The reason why education is the key for the future is because education is one of the most important needs of a human being. It functions as a system for a human being’s Brain without education or knowledge humans would be stupid or completely blank. Education starts in an early stage of a person example 3-5 of age which becomes the bedrock of your knowledge it also serves as the key through your whole educated life. If you think education/knowledge isn’t important or it doesn’t serve a big purpose in our society you’re either wrong or correct because no one knows what’ll happen in the future, who knows maybe something more highly intelligent will come to our path.

Let’s get this straight if you really think that knowledge doesn’t do anything special task for us you’re wrong. Their also social impacts for our society of today for example people who are educated shows confidence, kindness, in-depth knowledge and many more. Many people think that people who are uneducated are completely dumb, poor, stupid you’re wrong because if a person has not finished a full educated life doesn’t mean their stupid or dumb we are all the same. Now let’s get into the conclusion education may not be the main key for our future but it will be one of the keys for our future since there are a lot more than 1 key value that can serve a bigger purpose for our future.

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