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Why Drugs Are Bad Essay

Essay Topic:

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Thousands of people are affected by the abuse of drugs each day. Very few people know the dangers of taking drugs. Many of the abusers are in their teens. They are addicted and can not stop. Why would people take drugs in the first place? Some people feel pressured into drugs because of their surroundings. Their fellow peers push the person into choices that they might not be ready for. This is known as peer pressure. The other reason to do drugs is because the popular people do it.

Teenagers think the only way that they can fit in is to do drugs. People also do drugs because it can give them a happy, tingling feeling.

Drugs make people feel good about themselves. It makes them feel happy and giggly. But little do these people know about the dangers of doing drugs. Drugs can kill brain cells if the drug is not properly used. It affects many of a person? s internal organs.

Doing drugs could lead to cancer and even death. Drugs also change a person? s emotions. All of a sudden a person could get snappy and hurt many of their loved ones. A person who would usually be happy and perky would suddenly feel depressed and tired. A student who takes drugs could see a drop in their grades. The person could have been too tired to study for an upcoming test.

The drugs affect the brain and make it hard for people to concentrate on their work. There are many different kinds of drugs that can be addicting. One is a prescription drug. Prescription drugs are types of medicine. These drugs could be bought at a regular drugstore. Stimulants make a person all jumpy and happy until it wears off. The person then feels sick and tired This essay is about how to not take drugs even after the ages 18 and 21. You will learn how to be healthy and how to make others be healthy by telling them and your friends this. I believe people shouldn’t take drugs and I hope someday I can stop that!

Drugs are very bad for you because you can injure your lungs or you can die from it. After smoking cigarettes, tobacco, or cigars, some people don’t want to quit because they think they will gain weight. Most people don’t quit because of that which makes them less healthy than being overweight. If you have ever been sick and had to take medicine, then that would be taking drugs, but not in a bad way like some children and adults. First of all, parents aren’t being very good role models, because they can take drugs, like walking around outdoors holding a bottle of medicine or pills that they aren’t supposed to take.

Alcohol is another type of drug. Like beer and wine, if you drink too much and get drunk and drive as you are drunk, then you can go to jail if the police catch you. You can also get into an accident and injure other people. At the age of 18, you are able to buy cigars and cigarettes, and at the age of 21 you are allowed to buy beer and other types of alcohol. The definition of drugs is chemicals that change the way a person’s body works. Another very bad drug is called Methamphetamines. Methamphetamines are stimulants. They are used by smoking, inhaling, or Injection into the vein.

What Methamphetamines do to you: Methamphetamines give someone the ability to stay awake and do continues activity with no need for sleep. They pump your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. They also cause sweating, headaches, blurred vision, dry mouth, hot flashes, and dizziness. When I was about seventeen years old, I knew this guy who used to live a couple of houses next to my house; he was a young guy who grew up in a really nice and religious family, and he was doing everything right until he made a couple of friends who introduced him to drugs.

A couple of years later, this really nice guy turned into a drug addict and eventually got killed while selling drugs near a gas station around the block. I began with this true story to show that drug is a bad substance as Gore Vidal mentioned in his essay “Drugs” in which he talks about the ways we can stop drug in the United States. Drugs are something that should have been out of reach of anybody who will use it for a bad cause. If it is not for a medical circumstance, nobody else should be having drugs in their possession.

But since drugs are already out there doing a lot of damage, how do we put a stop to it? In his essay, Gore Vidal said, “It is possible to stop most drug addiction in the United States within a short time. Simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost”, I agree with this suggestion if really the government is looking for ways to stop drug addiction. If all drugs are selling at cost as Gore Vidal proposed, people who are especially addicted to it will have little interest in buying them because of the cost and that will, in a positive way, decrease the amount of drug addicts there are in the United States.

In his essay, along stating the fact that we can stop drug addicts by making drugs available and selling them at cost, Gore Vidal also said” many drugs are bad for certain people to take and they should be told why in a visible way” . With that, I agree with Gore Vidal because some people, especially teenagers, they don’t exactly know the effect certain drugs may have on them at a certain point; teenagers should have certain type of education about drugs and know the bad effect it will have on them when they use it. But can we really stop young people from taking drugs since they are already introduced to it? Forbidding young people things they like or think they might enjoy only makes them want those things all the more” explains Vidal Gore, which makes it more difficult to stop them from using drugs.

To support that fact, Gore Vidal referred to the year when alcohol was forbidded to the people by a congress that thought it had a divine mission to stamp out Demon Rum. However, instead of stopping people from drinking, they died from bad alcohol. The same thing happened entails Gore Vidal when the supply of Mexican marijuana was slightly curtailed by the feds which made young people hooked on other drugs such as heroin and caused a lot of drugs.

At the end of his essay, the one question Vidal Gore asked himself was the following,” Will anything sensible will be done? ” and the one answer was, “ of course not”. Referring to the beginning of the essay where Vidal Gore proposed that we should make all drugs available and sell them at cost in order to stop it, he admit that tis is not going to happen because as Vidal Gore said, “both the Bureau of Narcotics and the Mafia want strong laws against the sale and use and drugs because if drugs are sold at cost there would be no money in it for anyone.

Along that fact, Vidal Gore also entails that” American people are as devoted to the idea of sin in its punishment as they are to making money” therefor, the problem of drugs in the country will only grow worse instead of decreasing it or put a stop to it. To conclude, the problem of drug addicts isn’t going to fixed as easily as that because young people are already too deep into it and the Mafia and the person responsible wouldn’t even try to stop it because if they do there wouldn’t be any more money for them in the business.

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