Why does procedural federalism remain in the U.S.A.? Essay

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Why does procedural federalism remain in the U.S.A.?

As I read Kevin Smith’s State and Local Government, it has been stated there that Federalism needs more sweetening as a part of the new Constitution since many people fear that that this will become a tool for the centralization of political dictatorial  power, however, it still remains intact in the United States. Despite the fact that debates are becoming raging by the conspiracy, and Anti Federalist is present, the supporters for this federalism still finds it to be an unsupported seize for power.

According to the essay of Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, there is big power imbalance between state and local government and the temptation is for the more powerful partner to guard its authority jealously, however, states that give the localities the autonomy to match revenue tools with local economic condition may be making a smart decision (Smith, 4).

Now the big question is why this federalism procedure does still remains in the U.S. despite all its criticism and loop holes? As we can remember in the events that happened during the twenty-first century which is the World Trade Center and Iraq attack, a big role of the federal government changed. For an instance, Homeland Security office has been created, the federal money has been distributed by the national government and through federal policing agencies, and the states increased its historical power.

Because of this great depression that the nation encounters, such as World War II and the Civil Rights Movement, the powerful federal government was able to act in order to accomplish national ends. Such events become the pattern of the federal government to act and give importance to regulate businesses, workplace compliance has been put into effect and control instead of having a private personal interaction.

It is clearly seen that America’s central government has been overstrained together with its immense responsibility to global security has been burdened so above all, federalism has been an advantage and warrants improved prominence nowadays.  It is taken note that Federalism is a political system that permits a large measure of regional self-rule in order to preserve its liberty and function as a vehicle for the response to problems.

One of the reasons for the dynamic economy of America is due to this federalism scheme such that all levels of the government benefits from its jurisdictional competition. Governments services has been induced in different ways because people such as buyers compares local tax rates, police protection and schools which gives them the opportunity to offer such service. There is a free flow of capital in America when we look at the international level, compared to other countries which are being punished because of their collectivist economic policy. It means that because of federalism, a more forceful state competition can be able to create comparable disciplining, service-enhancing benefits.

 In conclusion, Federalism remains an important part of politics in the United States such that it shows a momentous significance in national life and although the power is divided between a central authority and constituent political units, the results has been a big help to America so far.

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