Why Do We Travel Essay

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Why Do We Travel

I think the reason why we travel is to see experience other countries, new cultures, modern and old cities and historic towns. It’s always exciting to discover and explore new things such as, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food, to listen to different musicals. I also think that we travel because we want to escape from our daily routine and to find something more peaceful such as going to a beach, diving or taking a trip into the jungle. One of the best things about traveling is that you’re able to experience a feeling that’s not familiar with any other feelings.

It is when you discover something new and you feel that you could stay here for the rest of your life. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn and experience more about the world. Many people are interested in photography and they visit other countries to take photos of landscapes such as the ocean, mountains, the sun rising, waterfalls and corals and much more. I think the reason why we take photos is that, photos help us remembering our lost memories or if we’re having a stressful day, the photos can help us find quietness in ourselves.

The reason that makes traveling such a special thing is that you learn new things all the time. We get fascinated by the native language and culture. I think we want to experience the same feeling we get as when we watch a movie from an exotic place. We want that unforgettable journey that we will never forget. Just like in the movie “The Beach”. A group of young people goes to a special beach where everything is beautiful and peaceful. And you won’t get stressed and you won’t get disturbed by loud music like you do in overcrowded tourists.

In the movie it has great consequences for the last newcomers that there can only be a certain number of people on the Island. I think it is sad when nature is destroyed by tourists but I would find another way to limit the numbers of tourists. Last summer, I was on a vacation to Italy with my family. It was definitely an exciting and an experiencing vacation but I also got inspired by their culture and their way of living. It wasn’t the unforgettable trip but it was a special trip because it was an important moment of my life and I could share it with my family.

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