Why Do People Party? Essay

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Why Do People Party?

Life is too short and having fun is not out of context for a person who values his time on earth. Every person search for happiness since it is an expression of longevity, grace, beauty and youth. As such, getting happiness from party gatherings is the best way to enjoy life with other people. Enjoying life is not possible in being alone. As no one is an island, people must interact with others just to have fun and give meaning to life. Families are most likely to enjoy life when party gatherings are made part of the tradition.

Ever since the world existed, people gather in a place and organize parties to enjoy. So the question is: how can we gain happiness is party gatherings? There are myriad answers to this question. First, party gatherings strengthen relationships with other people. May it be family relationships, business relationships with organizations, political gatherings, and community-building, the role of party gathering is very relevant. In order to build relationships, people should talk and interact with one another to give and take insights on how to enjoy life.

We must remember that a strong relationship with other people develops cooperation and love thereby leading to happiness. Second, meeting different kinds of people is possible in party gatherings. Having a lot of friends makes a person happy. Companions will boost one’s confidence and will likely add support to one’s goals and dreams in life. Knowing a lot of people will also increase one’s chances of getting the job you want, marrying the person you longed for, meeting distant relatives and building contacts for future needs.

The added fun in party gatherings brings delight to one’s mood and boosts one’s character. Being able to meet a lot of people increases the possibility of having prospects in business endeavours and achieving educational goals. One important advantage of having many friends is for a politician to win an electoral race. Hence, party gatherings could help everyone meet new friends and build myriad opportunities with it. Third, attending party gatherings can make us happy in the sense that we improve the development of our socialization skills as well as social graces.

A person who is known for hosting parties become famous and being famous is fun. Having fun with the music provided and food served during parties are the means to reach out to people and share skills and talents. Aside from that, one’s personality can also be developed since a person who always attends parties knows how to be fashionable and be well-dressed. Those traits could make a person happy as it would make him feel secured and sheltered. Fourth, finding happiness in party gatherings is effortless.

We just need a friendly smile and the talent to dance and mingle fairly with acquaintances and even strangers. It has been said that dances are fun (“Organizing You Dance Party”, 2006, p. 1). Having dance socials during parties will increase one’s happiness especially when attractive people are present. Dancing is also a talent that must be developed while having fun. Beautiful songs and wonderful music are provided during parties. The presence of so many people in the party could make listening to the music and dancing to the beat of it more fun and enjoyable.

Finally, happiness can be found anywhere. But to have a more realistic and available opportunity to find happiness, attending party gatherings is the best. Also, it may be expensive to hold parties for total enjoyment, but its reward is precious. Therefore, we can truly find happiness in party gatherings if we expect it to happen and enjoy the same.


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