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Why do people fall out of Love? Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1122 words)
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My friends, no one not in my situation can appreciate the sadness of having lose someone that I truly love.  Loving someone is priceless. You would do anything just to make your loved one happy. You would promise the stars and the sun and even the moon just to please the one you love. To be in love is a magical feeling that you would not want to lose. To fall in love is an indescribable feeling, a feeling that will blanket all your being a person.

Everyday seems to be a wonderful day for a person who is in love.

Loving means giving a part of you that grows together with the one you love. Dreams and promises are the elements of having to fall in love with someone whom you want to be with the rest of your life.

They say that love is blind, no matter what the person is, one will accept everything about the one he or she loves.

And that is, I believe, a true love. That is true love. Accepting someone despite all his shortcomings and errors in life is a big sacrifice. It is being selfless. It is heroic. And a person in love will bear this kind of sacrifice.

But what worries me is that despite being very much in love with each other, eventually, the couple would part ways. And this is surprising. Many stories have been told about couples who have been going steady for many years and in the end, they break up. What must be the reasons why people fall out of love.

Perhaps, it is the fact that no relationship can last without trials and sufferings. If both man and women are weak in facing all the challenges of their relationship, then they would fall apart. The element of trust and faithfulness is a very big factor. With being faithful, the relationship will grow more beautifully. Perhaps, when one becomes unfaithful, then, that is the beginning of losing the trust and respect of the other one. Boredom to the partner is another thing. To other people, to be with the same person everyday of your life is no longer living, it is merely existing. Boredom has set in and the other mate would then find his happiness somewhere.

If falling in love is the most magical feeling on earth, then falling out of love is synonymous with nightmare. The pain is tough…it lingers on for a long time.  Sometimes the pain would be too much one could not properly handle it. Many questions arise…What went wrong?…Did I love less?…or did I love too much? What I have done to make him leave me? What is wrong with me? Has he found someone else? Has the love really died? Can’t we start all over again? How about the many years of being together? We are almost there.

If we analyze, these questions are too painful to bear. These questions are better not asked because you only feel the most sordid pain once you have found the answers. What you must do when you have fallen out of love, is to stop thinking of the past, worse, stop blaming yourself. These actions would only deepen the scar and pain in your heart. The most ideal thing to do is to accept the fact that you and the person you loved most and who broke your heart are not really meant for each other- that Lord Almighty has allowed you to feel the pain of falling out of love to let you know that there is a brighter tomorrow at the end of the rainbow. If you keep on sulking about what your loved one has done to you, and that you want to be with him or her forever, then yours is a hopeless case.

What you must do when you fall out of love is not to find for answers to all the questions mentioned earlier. It is much better to give yourself a break…a break that could change your life. Do not depend your life to only one person. It is a absurd.

When someone says that he or she cannot live without the person he or she loves or when he or she says that he or she would die if he loses the one he or she loves, then that is a lot of baloney.

We may fall in love, that is our freedom, our right as human beings but to be stupid because of love is the most insane thing on earth. Yes, being a slave of love or acting stupid because of the one you love is unacceptable. Remember that your life is not dependent to the life of the one you love. You both still remain as separate individuals and this separation gives you the ample chance to accept whatever comes your way. That is the most same thing to do.

Yes we fall in love and some of us fall out of love. There are a number of reasons for this. But these reasons could no longer be relevant. Knowing the reasons for falling out of love is stupidity. It is already immaterial. What matters is not knowing why you fall out of love, but what really matters is to be able to bounce back and start a new life. A life that you will enjoy alone temporarily and in the end you may find someone else who will have love you the more. Keep of falling in love. No matter how many times you fall out of love. The secret is living happily is always to fall in love with someone. It is seeing the beauty of this world despite all sufferings and miseries.

To fall out of love is painful. But to remain to be lonely because you were lost is the most stupid thing to be. Enjoy life. Look at me now. I deeply fell in love with someone before, but he cheated on me. That was real painful. I thought I could not bear it. My dreams have shattered but one day I woke up and found myself to be the ugliest person in the world because I was always crying and sulking. That time, I realized, I must wake up with new hopes in my heart and with better dreams for tomorrow. Now, my life is truly complete and happy. Had I stopped crying over the spilled milk, I guess, I may be nowhere to be found.

But I am proud to say that despite the pain, I stood up. That pain made me realize I have better things in life, many people still love me and that falling in love is the best thing on earth.

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