Why Do I Want to Go to Washington DC Essay

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Why Do I Want to Go to Washington DC

I would love to go on the Washington D.C. trip with the Immokalee Foundation because I want to discover new things and enjoy with my peers, and I want to take the opportunity that Immokalee Foundation is giving me to be close to the government of my country, explore the congress buildings, and maybe with a little more luck the white house, which I believe would be a great honor for me.

I feel like I am going to learn new things and apply them to the future, like a way to give my country what they have given me, That is the inspiration that this trip will give me, in which I will have in mind all my life. I would also like to go because I think I would get the chance to meet the president and get a handshake from him. President Obama is a great influence on me because he was the first African American to be present, which means that if I set my mind to anything I want, with hard work and dedication I will accomplish my goals.

This Trip will benefit me because I will gain knowledge about the place where big decisions are made. This will help me in my future life because it will teach me how to be a better student and a better person for my country. This trip will be unforgettable because it was been a wish I have had for a long time, and I thought It would never happen, but I thank the Immokalee foundation for helping my dream come true about going to Washington D.C. This trip will also benefit me because I have always wondered how the political system works, and by allowing me to go to Washington D.C. I can ask questions about the political system to the congressmen if I get to meet them.

Lastly, that is where the Washington Monument and the Abraham Lincoln are and it would be an honor to stand by those monuments think of what these brave people did to make America a Better Place.

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