Why did Moses instruct that the people continue to observe the passover? Essay

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Why did Moses instruct that the people continue to observe the passover?

Basically, Moses instructed the people to observe the Passover to remember the day when the Angel of Death “passed over” the firstborn sons of Israel, thus saving them from the cruel fate that fell on the firstborn sons of Egypt. For the Jews today, it is symbolic of the deliverance given to them by God as a chosen people. Hence, it not only is a celebration of what happened in Egypt, but also of the many times God has delivered the nation of Israel from destruction and pain. 2. What community or governmental leaders do we have today who function in somewhat the same role as the judges functioned in their day?

How is their governing similar and different to that of the judges. Governmental leaders of today who can be considered to have the same roles as the Biblical judges in their day are the presidents and heads of state. They function as their nation’s leaders and commanders-in-chiefs, which are the same functions of the Biblical judges who had to lead the fledgling nation of Israel at that time to victories against their hostile enemies like Philistines and Canaanites. These heads of states are similar in such a way that they are the leaders especially when it comes to going to war to defend their country from hostile countries.

On the other and, most of these judges had the power to influence the faith of the people, especially at times when they forget their true faith or religion and worshipped other gods. 3. Why did David succeed in establishing a strong kingdom and saul did not? Support your response with bibical evidence. David succeeded in establishing a strong kingdom because it was during his time that the twelve tribes of Israel banded together into one nation. Saul was not successful because he failed in many things, including following God’s instructions.

He seemed successful at the first years of his reign as first king of Israel yet grew jealous of David’s rising popularity. 4. 2 Kings 25 tells us that Israel was destroyed because it failed to follow the covenant. In which ways did Israel and Judah fail to follow the covenant and what was Gods response? Israel and Judah failed to follow the covenant to serve God only and not worship other idols. This was exemplified by their kings who did everything bad in the eyes of the Lord. God’s response was to let both cities be captured by the Babylonians or Chaldeans and their kings punished for provoking a rebellion against the King of Chaldea.

5. What religious and social challenges did the jews face in exile and how did these hinder them from faithfully living according to the Mosaic Covenant. There were many, including the fact that they were not allowed to practice their faith. Aside from that they had no formal place of worship since Jerusalem’s temple was destroyed and looted by the conquerors. The people of Israel an Judah had no government of their own, their king was in prison and they lived under the shadow of the Babylonian empire. Such circumstances hindered them from following the Mosaic covenant.

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