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Why College Matters to God

Categories: College

1. The author (Ostrander) emphasizes that students should not stress out over choosing a major. He tells us that what one majors in is less important than the overall qualities, knowledge base, and the skills that one develops. Ostrander also points out that a major is much less important than the skills that people gain by using a quote from an executive, “I look for people who take accountability, responsibility and are good team people over anything else. I can teach the technical.

” 2. Going to a liberal arts college is like training for the Olympics without knowing what event you are going to participate in. You have to make sure that you are the best you can be in every way.

You would have to be a great runner, swimmer and even gymnast because you would not know which event you could be called to. In a liberal arts college you learn a little bit about every subject so that you are prepared to do anything in life.

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College is different from preparing for the Olympics without knowing what event you will be competing in because eventually, during college you can choose a major and tailor your classes to fit what you would like to do with your life. 3. According to Rick Ostrander a worldview is a framework of ideas, values, and beliefs about the basic makeup of the world. A worldview is like a crossword puzzle, it helps us understand how knowledge and beliefs actually work.

The correct answer to a crossword puzzle is often uncertain, just like our Christian worldview.

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Some things are certain like the Bible and Jesus but other things we need to look at the surrounding clues to fill in the answer. 4. Harvard, Yale and the University of Michigan were all historically classified as Christian colleges because the founders had strong faith and were perusing Gods command of educating people about the world and how to live according to his word. The separation of church and state didn’t pertain back then because man’s law was similar to God’s law in the 1800’s. Over the years the schools were exposed to more secular ideas that appealed to them. The country then turned over from a Christ lead country to a man lead country and the colleges followed.

5. The Biblical creation story applies to our lives at college. By studying his creation we grow to know God better and we learn to live Godly lives by looking at what he created us to do. Just like atheistic scientists James Watson and Francis Crick discovered DNA by studying the creation not the Bible we can learn a lot about God and ourselves by not just reading the Bible, but also taking time to study the creation.

6. One of the ways Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden effects higher education according to Rick Orstander is because of the fall, Christians have to approach academic life with a healthy dose of uncertainty. Because of the fall, we know that people can be selfish, corrupt, mistaken and self-deluded even when they are trying to do good. With this knowledge we need to apply a “hermeneutics of suspicion” which means that we recognize that each person has some sort of biased and all want to be correct. So as Christians we should approach any truth claim with both generosity and suspicion no matter who the truth claim comes from.

7. Christian college education equips us to play a role in redeeming God’s creation to the way it was supposed to be. By studying the word of God and applying it to every aspect of our lives we are working hard to bring ourselves back to what God intended us to be. Ostrander points out that part of our task as cultural beings is to redeem the cultural products that have been corrupted by the fall, and college is a great place to begin doing that. 8. Christian Universities demonstrate the “integration of faith and learning” in the classroom in several ways. One way that is particularly appealing to me is that there is no topic that we cannot talk about in the classroom. In public schools they have the separation of church and state so they are not allowed to talk about a number of things like creationism.

The great thing about Christian Universities is that that separation does not apply in our classrooms and we can talk about secular views and compare and challenge them next to biblical views. 9. If we are going to develop ourselves as image bearers of God and make the most of our lives on this earth college education in our society is an important factor that allows us to do so.

Rick Ostrander tells us in his book that going to a Christian college not only helps us learn from a Christian point of view but also prepares us to take on this world with the knowledge and experience we need to live how God has intended us to live. 10. Attending a Christian college is significantly different from attending a public university because a Christian college will help you focus more on God’s purpose and will for your life rather than your own. As Christians we need training around other Christians and we need to learn concepts from a biblical prospective. A college based around Christian beliefs helps expand our minds into people who question the culture around us and shapes us into the people God intended us to be.

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Why College Matters to God

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