Why College Education Is Important Essay

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Why College Education Is Important

While growing up, as children, we have few worries. We grow up with no responsibilities, free spirited and carefree. By the time our teenage years approach, we are more mature and look at life in a different way. We are approaching young adulthood and have a sudden desire to have more. Well, as our parents would say, “Money does not grow on trees”(Godfrey, Edwards, page10) They literally mean just that. Suddenly we are not getting and many gifts and treats as we did when we were younger. That is when we feel the need to make our own money, and being able to provide for ourselves. We want to be able to support our wants and needs. The older we become, the more we want and need. This is where making more money comes to play. The higher the education, the more money there is to be made. More financial stability is established.

During my childhood, I grew up listening to my parents say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”(Godfrey, Edwards, page 10) As a youth, I didn’t understand exactly what that meant. Growing up in a two-parent household taught me some valuable morals. Both my parents worked extremely hard to make sure that myself and my siblings were taken care of. Our wants and needs were provided by our parents. My mom has a college education, but my dad, being the bread winner did not. Although my dad’s education was limited, he was still able to provide and maintain our family beyond our expectations. Through my parents hard work and dedication to us, their children, I was able to see and realize that although we never struggled as a family, if not equipped with the necessary education at this day and age could be detrimental. That is what motivated me even more as an adult. I was more determined to complete my college education than ever.

My parents were always open to us being independent at a young age. They wanted us to know and understand, what it would be like as an adult. My first taste of that independence came in the form of my first job at fast food restaurant. I was able to get a taste of having my own money with no responsibilities, so I did what I wanted to do with my money from work. Eager for me to become responsible, my parents made me pay my pager bill. Of course I wasn’t happy with this situation at all. I knew that if I wanted to keep my pager, I would have to pay the bill. This taught me that in order to keep the things I want, I would have to be responsible and pay my bill to keep it. Being able to do this inspired me to want to make more money.

The inspiration I received made me sit down and really evaluate where it is I want to be, and what I want to be doing. I was able to come up with a plan and make that plan a reality. I knew I always wanted to help people. Whatever profession I chose would be along the lines of doing whatever I could to help others. This sounds much like the medical profession, but I knew I didn’t have the stomach for. Contemplating what could I do that I would enjoy doing, no matter what. My decision was made.

I wanted to work with children! I am an aunt and have been for almost seventeen years. I have four beautiful nieces that I love dearly. My relationship and interactions with them made me realize that I have a gift when it comes to interacting with children. All children don’t get the love and affection tht my nieces receive on a daily basis. This made me want to help those who have ever been deprived of anything. I wanted to help these children. Before I am able to help them, I have to understand more about children in these situations and how it affects them mentally. I have to learn and equip myself with the necessary tools to be very efficient in doing this type of work.

Last, this brings me to my choosen field of study, Psychology. Psychology is defined as, “the science of mental processes, behavior, and the emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual”(Webster’s II College Dictionary, page 893) To narrow the field down, I would like to provide Individual Counseling to children with different emotional and behavioral issues. The profession of Rehabilitative Counseling is a very lucrative and rewarding field. The benefits of going out into the community and actually see results of your hard work and dedication are overpowering. I feel that my path to obtain my Associates Degree in Psychology is very obtainable, and I plan to do just that. My goal is ultimately obtain my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. In doing so, I will have that job, and financial security.

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