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Why Cell Phone Ban Is a Bad Idea

What if you are not allowed to use cellphone in private place? If a city bans the use of cell phone in privately owned business, people will face discomfort. Especially cell phone has potential capability to save one’s life in emergence situation. If cell phone is banned, people will carry other gadgets and it would negatively affect on local businesses. Owners of the private businesses could lose their customers. Through the cellphone, people have lots of ability. Banning cellphone would cause customer’s discomfort.

Thus customers will go to private business area less frequently. If city is seeking no violent-free, then they should know that could ruins the private businesses. Cellphone would be virulent for emergence situation. Emergency situation could happen anywhere. The most important part is to call as soon as possible. Cell phone is the fastest way to make a call. Therefore cell phone has potential to save one’s life. If cellphone is banned in private area, then the victim of that law could be made.

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People will carry other gadgets to cover up cellphone, which is extremely inefficient.

People do not want to be uncomfortable. People are being uncomfortable because of some violators. But this law cannot prevent violators from stealing ideas or taking picture of stranger. Although people are going to try follow the law. People will carry other gadgets, if cellphone is banned. Cell phone can save one’s life. Banning cellphone can ruin businesses. Banning cellphone would make people carry other gadgets. Cell phone should not be banned.

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People will have to face discomfort. Banning cell phone cannot even prevent violations.

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Why Cell Phone Ban Is a Bad Idea

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