Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

Cats Over Dogs? Cats are better than dogs because they are just an overall better pet in many ways. They have played an important role in the extinction on many dog species because of dog’s food sources, making cats the better hunters. The cat species left North America with just only a few species of dogs. They also had deadly impact on the diversity of dogs which had a number of scarce species that were originated. The cats have retractable claws making it useful to catch prey and preserving the wear of them when not using them.

However, the dogs do not have retractable claws like the cats making this a disadvantage for when it comes to defense. (Bawden, Tom) Have you ever seen a dog try to play a sport? The dog is most likely to chew on the ball instead of playing with the ball. Cats on the other hand are probably going to pass is back and forth to itself and not let anything else have it.

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Also, a dog’s flexibility over a cats is a tremendous difference here because dogs can sit and stand when cats become little pretzels when they sleep or do that little body wiggle when they jump a large distance. It just makes them better “dancers.” Cats are known for more common sense when it comes to problem solving. Ever seen a dog when it is playing fetch and it has lost the object? Cats do not normally play fetch but cats are great when it comes to finding something they want.

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They might not have a high sense of smell, but you do not want your cat sniffing out all your food like a dog would. The dog is just going to sit there and beg to be fed when your cat is just going to look at you then walk away like it is whatever. (Shepherd, Jack) Dogs require almost constant attention. Always tending to pet your dog, moving over to let them sit beside you, taking them outside, and the list goes on is something that you will always have to do. A cat however does not require this much attention. Just leave it some food and water beside its bed with a toy and it will be set all day. A cat may come up and sit beside you and maybe nudge you to pet it occasionally, but that is about it for the cat life. Not worrying about your feline not getting its daily dose of exercise by not going on a walk is better than taking all the extra time to talk a dog.

One other perk about cats is that you do not have to train them like you would a dog. Training dogs can take up a lot of time and even sometimes money if you do not personally do it yourself. Not having to constantly tell a cat to sit down or roll over like you would a dog is just better (Daniels, Tiffany). Ever seen a dog clean itself? Surely you absolutely have not because dogs need to get bathed almost pretty much every other day depending on their coat and how much time they spend outside or you are going to have yourself a rather smelly dog. Cats naturally clean themselves after a certain age and they are not very keen on water so you do not have to worry about your cat being all smelly then having to give it a bath nearly twenty-four seven.

Not having to worry about waking up at four in the morning by a loud, barking dog in your ear if you had a cat and being able to actually have quiet rather than having a loud dog. Cats do not bark, obviously, so sleeping peacefully throughout the night without any animal disturbances, a cat is just the way better choice. It is more than half of the time cheaper to feed a cat. While spending dollars upon dollars every trip to store to buy dog food, you could be spending less money and saving more money just by having a cat. It takes more to feed a dog than a cat, so do the calculations. Now let us discuss how easy it is to clean a litter box from a cat rather than a dog’s droppings wherever. As an example, a dog goes wherever it pleases, whether it is inside or outside. So would you rather clean a litter box that takes little to no time, or the surprise on your carpet that your dog left you while you were not home? (Syufy, Franny) Do cats eat poop like a dog does? Certainly not because they are more intelligent than dogs. Why would dogs eat something that has already came out of them? They do not know no better but it is absolutely disgusting and nobody would want a pet that does that.

(Kerwicki, Anita) Never being able to discuss enough about how cat’s breath does not stink. Never know where a dog’s mouth has been is unsettling. Now you are wondering why their breath reeks so bad.

Never will you have to worry about a cat’s breath stinking but cats are pretty much nothing but clean. Dogs are constantly breathing in faces and wondering why letting them get that close was a good idea because now cringing over how awful their breath smells is constant.

(Kerwicki, Anita) The feline friend is never going to come up to you and use their very heavy body against someone hoping it will hold them up then getting their nasty slobber all everything, possibly in someone’s hair, and all over nice, clean clothes. Have they just got done eating and are going for a car ride? Well there goes the interior, because now dog vomit is everywhere. It is going to be so much fun trying to get that out of the backseat. With a cat, you never have to worry about getting cat slobber everywhere or getting belongings from a cat’s lunch in the back seat of the car. Cats have played an important role in extinction on 40 dog species.

Cats are also more effective hunters with their retractable claws. In North America they had a deadly impact on the diversity of dogs there. They left North America with just nine species of dogs. Cats are more graceful than dogs and are more athletic besides the fact of being known of laziness. Cats think better when it comes to solving a “problem”. They also do not try to steal your food twenty-four seven like a dog would. The article can also be joking about a lot of the qualities about a cat. You can manage a large amount of cats better than a lot of dogs. Cats do not get into garbage cans like dogs do. It is cheaper to feed cats over dogs. Dogs require quite a large amount of exercise when cats do not. Cats are smarter than dogs with high levels of critical thinking. Cats are cleaner which means they smell better. While a dog “goes” wherever it pleases, a cat has a litter box, which is easy to clean. Dogs are high maintenance when it comes to keeping them from messing up everything you own. Giving the “cats have nine lives”, compared to the one life a dog has. Dogs can be prone to be afraid of cats, making them the weaker link. Cats are better at hiding than dogs are.

Have you ever seen a dog catch a fish like a cat can? Cats are full of personality. Independency is the key for cats which when it comes to dogs, it is a different story. Cats breath does reek of death. Dogs do not have a chill personality like a cat.

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