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Why Capital Punishment shouldn't Legalize

Pretty much every community in the world considers that the murder might be the one of the top-level crime that can be possibly committed. It is not discussed that the murderer should be punished. What is discussed is how the punishment should be? Most societies around the world see the murderers as someone deserves the highest punishment that there is and that is to say “Capital Punishment”.On the other hand, most of the others see life as something valuable and sacred.

So; for this reason, They see fit to sentence them to imprisonment and by this way rehabilitate them. Common sense urges us to side with the latter. Therefore, there are some points that have a basis to be declared as to latter makes feel more rightful than the first statement.

First of all, if the capital punishment is legalized, there always will be the possibility of executing an innocent person by some miscall. Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: ‘everyone has the right to live”.

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Maybe the judicial system has the right to send people up in prison but it does not have the right to slaughter a person, who might be blameless. Death penalty brutalizes the community that puts to use it. It makes simpler taking one’s life and is not a reasonable deterrent from the offense. Come to think of it, it is this thought which is an obvious contradiction that we should kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong.

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There is no way to tell how many of the more than 1,470 people executed since 1976 may also have been innocent. Courts do not generally submit claims of innocence when the defendant is dead. Defense attorneys move on to other cases where clients’ lives can still be saved ( In that case what Joe Abercrombie said is rather meaningful: “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”

Secondly, truth to be told that executing criminals does not deter people from committing violent crimes. Countries that have capital punishment very often have higher murder rates than countries which imprison murderers. For instance; The United States where capital punishment is legal has many more murder rates each year than Great Britain, where the death penalty was abolished in 1966. Also when someone is put to death, it is the path of the least resistance for them or in other words”an easy-way-out”. It is not the justice that the slaughterer does not have to live with his acts but the kith and kin of the deceased does. Putting the slaughterer to death is not a suitable punishment because he does not have to live with his actions. It is also worth saying that and contrary to what is believed, It is said that every capital punishment case costs 1.26$ million dollars but a regular jail sentence costs only 740.000$. Also as Death Penalty Information Center’s Former Executive Director Richard C.Dieter said: “All of the studies conclude that the death penalty system is far more expensive than an alternative system in which the maximum sentence life of prison”. All things considered; Rather than sentencing a death penalty, it is much wiser to give a jail sentence to the murderer and give the money that lefts to relatives of the deceased as a consolation.

Moreover, capital punishment does not give the chance to make amends to people who have made mistakes. However, a prison can give them the opportunity to make their own lives better. It is a good example to emphasize our point here by a former convicted named Marlon Peterson who spent 10 years in prison which his entire 20’s. He was charged with second-degree murder. During his imprisonment, Peterson not only spent time thinking about the devastating impact of gun violence in his community but also wrote letters to young people in his hometown to engage with them on the issue. Since his release, Peterson has designed and implemented youth empowerment programs and worked to create safer communities, free of the violence that he witnessed growing up. He also earned an undergraduate degree from New York University. A published writer, he uses his platform as co-founder of The Precedential Group to humanize social justice issues (

After all; at the end of the day, is it ever right to end someone’s life? By doing so, it is their chance what taken away to learn from their mistakes and be better. Everyone can change and grow to become a better person. We are taught from a very young age that two wrongs don’t make a right. They cannot learn or grow if you end their lives. As Bryan Stevenson said: “The death penalty is not about whether people deserve to die for the crimes they commit. The real question of capital punishment in this country is, Do we deserve to kill?”.

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