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Why are you crying? Essay

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“Why are you crying?” she asked curiously. “I wasn’t crying” he replied, he had never cried in his life in his mind, and he wasn’t going to admit anything now, not to this girl. “Who are you?” “I am Peter Pan. Who are you?” he said pointedly. “I thought you were. I am Wendy Moira Angela Darling. But you can call me Wendy” Peter bowed to Wendy as he told her he was pleased to have met her. He asked her whether or not she knew of a way of fixing his shadow back on. So Wendy, fascinated by this boy’s lack of clothing, cleanliness and manners agreed to sew it back on for him. As she did, he watched her with awe. He had never met a girl before. She was beautiful in his eyes and she told magnificent stories as she sewed on his shadow. She was perfect.

Just as Wendy finished sewing on Peter’ shadow, she asked Peter what it was like in Neverland. She had heard all the stories, and was very curious as to why he was here, in her room. He told her of the beautiful mountains and beach. The pirates, the mermaids, the forest and the Indians. To thank her for sewing on his shadow he gave her an acorn button off his belt. She felt special and hung it on the chain around her neck.

“I will keep it safe forever Peter.” He took this as an invitation to carry out his plans. “Come back with me Wendy. I can teach you to fly. We could live together in Neverland. We would never have to leave. We would never have to grow up and face the fears of adulthood. We can forever be children and have adventure and fun.” Peter said, he wanted her to come, he needed her to come, he could not leave her now. “You tell magnificent stories, the boys will love you. You can be their mother as they have none.”

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“No mother? How terrible!” “So? Will you come with me?” “But what about my brothers?” “They could come too.” Peter replied unenthusiastically, he did not want them coming, interfering in his plans. Wendy quickly and excitedly shook her brothers telling them about the arrival of Peter Pan and that he was to teach them to fly. Peter and Tink between them taught the three beginners how to fly. They were fast learners, and within the hour, John and Michael had flown out the window, into the dark night of London. Now it was just Wendy and Peter. She was still unsure.

“My parents” she whispered to the wind blowing on her face from the window. “Come, come away with me Wendy. Forget about them” he said, his bright blue eyes twinkling with excitement. Wendy melted as soon as she looked into the deep pools, and agreed. Together they stepped onto the windowsill. “One, two, three” Peter counted. And the children flew out into the sky, over London’s most famous landmarks, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace. To them the Palace looked like a tiny cottage from the sky. Wendy gasped in awe as they flew higher, and higher, higher than any bird. They flew up into the deep blue sky filled with twinkling stars.

“Peter how do we get to Neverland?” Wendy asked concerned. “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” he replied unbothered by her question. “But how do we actually get there?” she asked again becoming more and more anxious. “Stay with me Wendy and you never need know” he said. “Now grab my ankle and hold on tight. Here we go!!” By the time the children reached Neverland, the sun was rising from the east, lighting up the small island. Mountains tower above the tall forest.

The white sandy beach stretches from the forest to the waters edge, the sea so blue and so clear, the coral reef can be seen from the sky. Peter directed the children to the clouds, and as each landed in their own unique ways, they each gasped in turn. For below the cloud they were sitting on, was a massive pirate ship, one that haunted each of their dreams, but for now, it just made them excited. Not that this calm and peaceful atmosphere would last for long.

For on the pirate ship, the crew noticed the sun rising, and the flowers come into bloom, meaning the return of their enemy, the boy that unofficially ran the island. Smee, the captains’ sidekick quickly went to tell his boss. Captain Hook, Peter’s sworn enemy. Captain Hook would seem to be a pleasant person, with morals, but this is not the case. Many years beforehand, Peter cut off the right hand of the captain, then threw it to the island’s crocodile, that has been after him ever since. This caused a life long war to begin between the two. The captain would not allow the ship to sail until Pan was dead. Inside the ships cabin, the captain stirred, cannons were being shot, that meant only one thing. As the first cannons and gun-fires were shot, Peter ordered Tink, who had previously mysteriously disappeared, to take the others to safety, in the forest, with the lost boys. Tink immediately put the orders into actions and the children followed him down to the forest.

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