Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others?

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A pressure group is an organisation which means to affect decisions made by government for a particular cause. Some pressure groups succeed in their endeavours, nevertheless many aren’t. The success of a pressure group depends upon numerous elements. A big aspect is the approach through which pressure groups try to get their point heard. A technique all pressure groups use is attaining public assistance, to get public assistance means that a particular percentage of society will back the pressure group in making their point, being heard and changing the legislation or drawing the public’s attention are marches, for example through hectic cities such as London e.

g. student protests in 2011 objecting the rise in university tuition costs. Whether the pressure group is an expert or outsider group can significantly affect the success of their endeavours. An expert pressure group has a higher opportunity as they are spoken with by the government.

For instance the British Medical Association was established in 1832 which in the 1970s was acknowledged as a trade union and campaigned for better physicians pay and working conditions.

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The BMA are now frequently sought advice from by the Department of Health as an outcome of their knowledge, nevertheless not just expert groups can be effective. Greenpeace is an example of a successful outsider pressure group. Greenpeace was established in 1971 to campaign for the international ban of nuclear weapon screening. There have been a terrific number of successes ever since. Greenpeace managed to attain a temporary stop to business whaling, a ban on sending toxic waste to less industrialized countries, a 50 year break on mineral exploitation in Antarctica, a stop to big scale driftnet fishing on the high seas and a restriction radioactive and industrial waste at sea.

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Funds are a major resource when publishing your pressure group. Money is important in gaining media attention and in pushing the government to listen to the group as they have financial power. With funding the group can employ professional lobbyists and PR consultants and donate to parties. Money is needed to advertise, to produce leaflets, posters, billboards and picket signs for marches and demonstrations. Without money, advertising relies solely on the funds of the individuals in the group to achieve publicity. The size of the pressure group impacts the success of the group however how much it is affected is unique to each group. Having a larger pressure group definitely has an advantage. The benefits of being a larger pressure group include having more members which means more donations; also more funding means the group can hire professionals to handle the campaigning.

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Why Are Some Pressure Groups More Successful Than Others?

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