Why Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Different?

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Have you ever wondered how male and their gender counterpart, females are different entrepreneurs? What about their styles and how they run their enterprise? They may be similar by race but their gender says differently. What makes male and female entrepreneurs different business leaders? Do they work towards the same goals or is there a hidden milestone? In this essay you will come to understand these differences. Male and female entrepreneurs have a very different and distinct contrast of perception, skill sets and leadership.

Many would say that males and females think alike but the truth of the matter is that these gender roles are almost nothing alike at all. Male entrepreneurs have a more aggressive opinion and hostile perception. The female comparison however is the exact opposite, they prefer being more permissive and passive towards their views and bias. The point of view of these genders is definitely a contrast. Females see things more analytically and try to view everything as a fluent problem, while male entrepreneurs see most things as a ruthless battle ground where only one will survive.

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Males tend to see things in a hostile manner rather than seeing things in the female’s analytical point of view where everything has a logical reason behind it. Most people would agree that gender stereo types are not true but there is in fact one stereo type that has some truth to it. The most common is the intimidation of the males and the more passive and push over type females.

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It is a well known fact that males are more intimidating then females. The females are usually more on the lenient side.

Entrepreneurs all have something different to offer. Skill sets would be one of those offered. Male entrepreneurs have a tendency to attract the skills of professionalism and a more hands on approach. Females on the other hand are better at connecting on an interpersonal level with people and tend to use a more diplomatic approach. Males are perceived as persuaders and conniving while female entrepreneurs render a different approach with tenderness and appeal. Some interesting yet different skills that these genders offer is attributes.

The male entrepreneur’s attributes consist of working hard, communication, labour and a distinguished sense of motivation. The female entrepreneur’s attributes consists of caring, soft hearted and analytical thinking. Exact opposites you might say but for good reasons no doubt. Lastly male entrepreneurs tend to be more individual oriented and female entrepreneurs are more team oriented. Business owners are viewed as different things. They could be viewed as tyrants, merciful or even the famous family man.

The fact of the matter is those perceptions are all stereo typical. The male entrepreneur is viewed as a tyrant or a ruthless business man while the female counterpart is viewed as docile, passive and open hearted. The males are considered hostile because of ruthless business men and world leaders in the past. Modern day males are more lenient and charismatic. The modern day females are more aggressive than ever before. Male and female entrepreneurs are good leaders but have different styles.

A female tends to be more lenient or fair towards every situation, trying to make all parties happy. The male entrepreneur on the other hand, is much too conceded and is only interested in satisfying their needs. This marks the male’s entrepreneurs as greedy or selfish and even unjust. This is only views of the public but that does not make it true we all have our own opinions. Male and female entrepreneurs are contrasted by their very unique perceptions of the public, their rectifying skill sets and by the very different leaders they portray.

From the smallest business to the largest firm in the world, every owner is different when they are of contrast genders. Every entrepreneur has potential and risks so do not be close minded by using gender bias. Make sure you have all the facts before you make a mistake that can cost you everything. You know what they say, “A good business decision comes from everyone in the business”. In conclusion female and make entrepreneurs are devoted to the same cause and goals but are entirely different in every way, shape and form.

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Why Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Different?

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