Why Are Dogs Called 'Man's Best Friend'?

The common phrase “A dog is man’s best friend.” might be true, but dogs are not the only animal friend whose companionship people enjoy. Cats also share a great connection with people as well. Cats are better than dogs better they are cleaner, they are quiet, and also they cost less for vet bills and necessities. The first reason why cats are the superior pet over dogs is that cats cost less to take care of for annual and medical costs.

The annual cost for felines is around $450 which is largely different from the $660 annual cost for canines. Cats aren’t better simply because they need lower annual and medical fees, but also because cats don’t require the maximum amount of upkeep as dogs do. Part of the maintenance of a cat is to refill his or her food and water dishes once every 24 hours. Owners that have indoor cats have an easier time cleaning out the pet’s litter box and are only required to clean for just one or two days also.

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Cats also love to sleep and what’s better than a cat sleeping? No mess! Unlike cats, dogs love to bark and run around which can be a hassle to handle. Cats are often a touch easier to potty train making them encounter as being cleaner than dogs. Cats more often than a dog, as cats will sit and groom themselves for hours at a time.

Also, people might say cats are cleaner because I have always found cats or kittens a lot easier to potty train.

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Show them a box of litter and they will use it. Dogs can take a way longer time to train and it is often tons messier if they’re not learning properly and are messing up the house and you are constantly cleaning it up all the time. Dogs like to get messy and play, which causes an enormous mess once they enter the house. Cats are all about personal hygiene! They groom themselves plenty and daily. You don’t have to bathe a cat unless something unexpected happens and your cat needs help in washing themself. In contrast, take a dog for a get into winter and you’re likely to possess a serious bathing session on your hands immediately on return to home. I’ve seen dogs covered in mud and it’s not a great feeling when you’re washing them. Most dogs love stuff that smells bad. From trash to mud, to poop and they really like to play in it.

As a result, dogs need a proper routine for bathing and grooming, which may get very expensive if you’re taking your dog to the groomer. Cats are basically self-cleaning machines. They use their tongue to lick and comb through their fur and dig out dirt with their teeth. They clean themselves with their paws with saliva and use them to clean out their faces and unreachable places. When people come home from a long day of work all they want to do is relax, take a nap, and watch TV. For example, let’s say a person comes home from a tiring day of work and needs to relax. They finally get comfortable when their dog hears a sound outside or sees another dog and starts barking uncontrollably but cats keep any feelings and urge to themselves.

Cats are much quieter pets than dogs especially during times after you want to sleep or relax. They don’t disturb you when you’re trying to concentrate. When cats see something dangerous or odd, they run away. Unlike dogs, they bark at things that are new. Cats only take action when it’s necessary to and that they don’t charge at people as much as dogs do whenever they are approaching something new and strange. Cats are very good at meeting new people and making friends. Cats aren’t afraid of people, but dogs bark loudly and try to battle new people they encounter.

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Why Are Dogs Called 'Man's Best Friend'?

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