Why are Cell Phones Dangerous? Essay

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Why are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Why are cell phones dangerous? Cell phones are what people use in their everyday lives throughout the 21st century. Cell phones have been around since the 1980’s. Cell phones are being used from young kids to elderly adults. All around the world there are cell phones .

There has have been many researches and court cases on how cell phones are dangerous and what kind of damage it they can do to people. There was a case on a man who blamed cell phones in the hospital that had died from a brain tumor. That person blamed the death of their family member on cell phones because the cell phone was right beside where the brain tumor was. Scientists were investigating on how can the cell phone can cause brain tumors and other serious diseases. Some scientists say that cell phones are giving off radiation when talking on the phone. Cell phones are like microwaves because the cell phone’s using radiation to send and receive the text messages and calls.

Many people press the cell phone up against their ear so they can hear the person they are talking to. Cell Phones phones do produce a lot of heat and it produces microwaves, which it uses radiation just like the microwave that people use to cook food. Cell Phones phones are also dangerous to use when driving down the highway because the cell phones can still receive messages and calls. Cell Phone phone radiation was studied by different scientists on how it caused brain cancer on many patients. Students use the cell phones to cheat on tests and quizzes. It significantly affects the change of education standards to the students who have cell phones because it’s easier for the students to find the correct answer on the internet.

Cell phones are the most convenient devices that people can use when there are emergencies or when not at home. Cell phones are good because it they can be used at any point in time at any place. There has been nothasn’t been enough evidence on whether the cell phones are dangerous to people. Companies say that the cell phones are 100 percent safe because they do not want to lose the customers who buy the cell phones to use everyday. Kids use the cell phone to talk to their parents when they are places with friends, or at a ball games to make sure that they are safe.

Teenagers like texting to their friends or parents when they are at places where there are lots of people, like at a ball games or concerts. Cell phones are made for communications from one person on a cell phone to the other person. Cell Phones phones are like radios because it hasthey have a low level of radio frequency, which it is too low of a frequency level to cause any damages to the brain. Cell Phones phones do not cause substantial hazards to people. People use the cell phones to keep in touch with the loved ones regarding the distance they are traveling. Through cell phones people can decrease their boredom by listening to music on the cell phones, or streaming videos.

Cell phones has have grew grown much more popular than the internet. Many of the cell phone’s owners decorate their cell phone the way they want it to look like. Teachers in school try to take away the cell phones because it distracts the students around them and themselves. Adults use the cell phone to organized their day by sending themselves a reminder on what’s important that has to be done throughout the day. People who are worried about the police uses the cell phone to avoid them so the person cannot get caught by the police.

Cell phones are a really great thing to have when going on vacation so people can talk to loved ones even when not at home. Mobil phones (cell phones) are the most popular device than the internet. People can use the cell phones when there is some kind of emergency. Young kids use the cell phones and has have more experience because they are born in the century where the cell phones are convenient to them when they are at games or places with friends, so the parents can keep in touch with their kids.

There has been not enough evidence to show that cell phones can give off enough amount of radiation to cause brain tumors and brain cancer. Cell phones give off a very tiny amount that does not effect affect a person. Brain tumors can develop ed in any part of the brain and can be caused by something else besides cell phones. There are occasional problems with cell phones where the screen quits working, or the battery quits holding charge when charging. Those problems happen all the time when people use them every minute because of the messages being sent and the charging.

Cell phones are great to have when it is 100 percent safe by the company. The cell phones are what every person on the planet uses everyday. Cell phones do not give out personal information that is saved on the cell phone.

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