Why Govt Service & Tax Hike Can Lead to Negative Consequences?

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Canadians have come to expect the government to do more for them, and that’s a bad thing.

If the government does more for people, people will become more dependent on the government. People will start to become lazier and think that the government will do everything, and then we will move from a mixed economy to a centralized planned economy, and that will mean that there will be no freedom.

With the social services that we have now, such as health care and unemployment insurance, people abuse them, and it costs the government more and more money.

For example, people pay for healthcare through the taxes they pay, but some people use healthcare too much and end up costing the government, which ends up costing more to taxpayers who respect the system. If the government offers more services, people will pay for the services through taxes and then start to abuse the service. It will end up being a continuous cycle.

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If people want more services, then the government can provide those services, but then it will lead to more taxes and people having less money and complaining about taxes. It can also provoke strikes, riots, and other violent and non-violent ways to get more money in their pockets because taxes are too high and people can’t afford it.

If the government offers more goods and services to people, it will fall prey to abuse, people will become more dependent, and this will lead to the economy shifting from a mixed economy to a centrally planned economy, and taxes will increase.

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