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Who’s Raising Who? Essay

Teen pregnancy is on the rise again, even though it has declined in past years, it is going back up in percentage. Teen pregnancy has always been a controversial problem in the United States, and has not had any help to stop it from arising again like it is. They are many decision, choices, and life changing decisions that a teen has to face while deciding when they become pregnant. If society knows it is a problem, why is there not anybody trying to help cut the percentages and rates? Society should be used to the increases in the rate and a percentage in teen pregnancy since it has been an occurring problem.

Enforcement of programs to help teens succeed in what they want to accomplish should be taken into action so either teen pregnancy will come to a decrease or society will help teens realize with what comes with being a teen parent. Teen pregnancy occurs in the United States regularly; however, society can impact teen pregnancy issues by promoting health and safety through the provision of contraceptions, giving teen’s information about parenting, and providing financial support.

To understand the issue of teen pregnancy it is essential to define its meaning. A teenage girl, usually within the ages 13-19, portrays teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy also characterizes a girl that has not reached adult-hood but becomes pregnant. Teen pregnancy occurs not only in high school, but also occurs in middle school ages too. Adolescents think that contributing to getting pregnant, they will have someone to love, or to also be there for them. Teen mothers also think they will marry the father of their baby. “When their babies are born, more than half unmarried teen mothers say either that they are “sure” or “chances are good” that they will marry the father of their child, according to a survey by the national Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy.

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Eighty percent of the time, however, that never happens” (Rinaldo 4). Numerous amounts of teens do not understand the methods of how not to contribute to teen pregnancy. Most teens do not know about ways to prevent teen pregnancy by using to contraceptive. Adolescents should often consider learning about the consequences of teen pregnancy. Considering that teen pregnancy occurs in the present time at such a young age, society should encourage a way to help stop the trend of teen pregnancy.

Adolescents have struggles when it comes to teen pregnancy. They start to struggle in school, but also start to struggle with money also. Some teens get the opportunity to have programs in school to help them with their kids, so that they do not have to drop out. With in-school programs compromising with teens that have had kids, some teens achieve their goals at getting their diploma. “Thanks to the GRADS program through Collins Career Center, those teen parents have somewhere to turn for parenting education and moral support” (Goodman). Not all school have programs to help the struggling teen moms. Teen mothers most of the time do not have the time to go to school because they try to take care of their kids, or get a job to help support them. School boards should consider taking programs, like the GRAD program, into consideration so that teens can stay in school and not have to drop out, so that they can continue their education.

“One of the main goals of the program is to keep the pregnant and parenting teens in school” (Goodman). Continuing their education is the best thing for the teen mom and her baby. It helps gets the teen mother on track and get their life going for them. The mother often does not know how she is going to raise the baby, if she is going to have to quit school, if the father is going to help her, if her baby will be born healthy, or if she even has enough money to raise the child. It is a very stressful situation for the baby and also the parents of the baby. Programs in-school would be a very useful source not only for schools but also for teens that promote teen pregnancy in order for them to stay in school and get an education.

There is always a down side to many things, considering teen pregnancy can be a very negative thing. Adolescents think that getting pregnant will help them when in reality it does not. Teens do not realize that there come many consequences with getting pregnant. Just because you think there will always be someone there for you, it is very hard. Getting pregnant at a young age is very complicated and also puts a huge impact on your life. You might think your life will be better if you get pregnant with someone you think you love but it does not always end that way. Pregnancy does not make someone you love or make someone love you back, it also does not makes things in your life easier. It makes things more complicated and harder for you to get through life at a young age. Pregnancy should not be for young adolescents to experience, you should have kids when you are ready.

People in today’s society have a problem with adolescents getting pregnant; they think it “ruins” their lives. “Whatever choice you make if you become pregnant, your life will never be the same again” (Daly 1). The teen pregnancy rate has increased in recent years after it had dropped for a couple of years. “The bad news is that the rate has started to creep up again” (Fritz 8). Society states that teens are not prepared for this step in their life when they range from 15-19 years old. Society consider adolescents to not yet be able to adapt to the changes in their life, financially, and also not yet emotionally ready to raise a baby at such a young age, or even consider themselves to be parents and feel accomplished at being the best they can be for their baby.

Being a mom might not be what you want to do when you are 16 or maybe even 30 but some people are faced with having to do this at a much younger age than others. When becoming pregnant, people should be prepared and ready for it: have finished high school, have a job, and have their life planned out ahead of them. There is also a portion of society that thinks teen pregnancy is not such bad idea. It can make a difference in a teenager’s life. Some think that just because you are young does not mean you cannot have a baby. “There’s no magical “right age” that makes you a better parent candidate than anyone else” (Chait). The portion that thinks teen pregnancy is okay, thinks the sooner you have a baby, the sooner you can have your life back. Considering if you are at a younger age and have a baby you are more active than a person having a baby at the age of forty. You can interact more with your kid if you are at a younger age than being at an older age.

Also if you are younger and have a child, your body will go back to the way it was sooner than if you were forty. Every parent starts out with little knowledge of being a parent, so if you are thirty-two and have no children than you do not know what it is like to be a parent just like a sixteen year-old. Adoption can also be a very good choice for many teens becoming mothers. Even if they are not ready to be a parent, someone in the world might be. They could give their kid to someone who is ready for a child, and that is prepared to take care of it. Even if they give their child up, they can always choose an open adoption an still be able to be in their child’s life.

When teens become pregnant, they usually have three choices. One of the top choices is adoption. When adolescent consider choosing adoption, many people say it is for the better, not only for the parent but also for the child themselves so that they can get the care they need. Giving your child everything it needs to grow up and have everything it needs. To have a family that can support it, not just financially but also, physically, and emotionally. Also, just because you give your child up does not mean that you will not get to see your child ever again in its life. You can choose what kind of adoption you would life, and they can pick the right parents that are willing to have an open adoption as you wish.

“Birth parents can choose an open adoption, in which they can have contact with the adoptive family over the years as the child grows up” (Daly 1). Giving your child to a family that wants a kid but may not be able to conceive one will, might make a family’s life complete. As you can wait until you are ready to have a child and are prepared for it. Just because you have the option of adoption, people think if you got in the mess you can get out of it. Adoption can also be a bad idea because you do not know the child medical background.

Adoption may not always be the choice for you because you might also have to travel to see you kid, if you have an open adoption, costing an amount of money you might not have. It may also cause a bonding issue with the adoptive parents because the child might be able to sense that they are not their real parents. It can also cause a hardship on the child considering that they will always wonder who their birth parents actually might be, that is if the birth parents chose a closed adoption and did not want the child to know who they were.

You also have the choice of having an abortion. Choosing an abortion can be very difficult. Many people are against this choice because you are killing a living thing that has not done anything wrong to be handled like that. It can also cause someone to be depressed by ending their pregnancy. Just because you do not want the baby does not mean it does not deserve to live and have a life, with someone who would love them and give them what they wanted in choosing adoption. In most states, you have to have your parents consent on whether to go on with this step or to choose another one.

“About 60 percent of states require minors to involve a parent in the decision to get an abortion” (Daly 1). Choosing this option can also cause you a stressful life, considering it could be something you could love for the rest of your life. Even though many people are against having an abortion, there is always that portion that thinks it is okay to have one and to not even think twice about it. You can make it look like a natural miscarriage causing less stress in your life. Abortion can also be a very good factor for people that have health issues and cannot have a baby. Abortion can also cause the birth rate to decrease. It can also keep the family size in check if the family is getting too many kids that they cannot support.

Most adults, from many decades ago, are against teen pregnancy. You do have solutions to stopping teen pregnancy; you just have to put them into action. Most schools in this day and age do not have sex education provided for them in their local school, leaving teens to find out everything themselves, causing them to get pregnant because they did not get thee information they need to know about pregnancy. Sex education was taken out of school simply because parents thought it was their job to teach their children about sex. Parents do not know what to say to their kids about having sex, and many parents just do not want to because they think their child already knows what they need to know about it.

Contraceptives are also a way that teens can avoid teen pregnancy, but many teens do not know about them. “Many teens say they have little knowledge of even common contraceptive methods such as condoms and the pill, and most have not even heard of less-common methods such as implant” (Brown 11). Parents just do not want their kids to be on birth control just because they think if they are on it they will have sex, but little do they know most teens have sex and contraceptives can help save a teen from getting pregnant. Condoms can also help prevent teen pregnancy.

If more teens knew about condoms and what they help prevent, probably many more would use them like they are supposed to be used. Some teens are too embarrassed to buy condoms, but they can go to their local health department and get them for free. To also help the teen pregnancy rates drop, you can discourage dating at a young age, or you can make them fear getting a sexual transmitted disease. Just because you are having protected sex, does not mean that you protecting yourself from getting a sexual transmitted disease that can cause you harm or may also even cause death. Society needs to get the strength is these areas and come together if they would like to stop teen pregnancy, or at least cause the rates to do go down.

For the other part of society that knows, teen pregnancy is a common thing now. Solutions may be in consideration for the teens that do become pregnant and may need help after or during the pregnancy. You can have in school programs for the teens that have children so they do not have to drop out of school. “For some young parents, in-school programs provide prenatal care, childcare and parenting skills” (“Responding…” 10). Most teen moms drop out of high school because they do not have the help the need to give their child the support without dropping out. With schools that have programs inside the school, the mom can graduate and get the education they need to help support their family.

“The program serves teens who choose to continue their education while pregnant or caring for children, or teens who dropped out to have a child and chose to return to school to earn a high school diploma or GED” (“Responding…” 10). Finical support for the teen mom can also have a big impact on helping the teen out. Poverty in America is a big problem that causes a lot of mom to become into debt.

With the teen parents having to drop out of school to raise the child, it causes them not to get such a good job to support the family and causing them to struggle. “Of course poverty is both a cause and consequence of early and unplanned pregnancy” (Brown 11). Support groups to help teen mom cope with their feelings can also help them deal with their problems. Some teens can experience depression with the loss of the other parent not being with them or even them not having emotional support.

Teen pregnancy is not much of a surprise to many people anymore. When you hear about teens becoming pregnant it is not much of a shock to people anymore. It has kind of become a trend, or in other words, popular. “Teen pregnancy is pretty popular these days…” (Daly 1). It has become more common as the years have passed. Many adolescents think they mature at a young age and think they can support a family. Teens are also looking for affection and someone to be there for them. They think getting pregnant, they will also have someone to be there for them and look out for them.

Society should stop judging the teens that are getting pregnant and actually help the teen out. Just because a teen gets pregnant does not make the teen any better or any worse individual. Many people over exaggerate the thought, or the being of a teen becoming pregnant. Instead of putting teens down, maybe society should help them out or maybe even try to prevent it by making contraceptives more available, or getting programs that are in school to help prevent teen pregnancy. “Abstinence-only programs teach that refraining from sex is the only certain way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease” (Fritz 8). Society should take the matter into their hands and try to help teens out.

Since teen pregnancy is always going to be a problem in the United States and all around, why sit around and just let the teens suffer and become poor. Teen pregnancy has been around for many decades, and it is not getting any better, it just keeps happening. Teen pregnancy is never going to just come to an end, this is why teen pregnancy is on the rise again. “This is why the recent news that teen pregnancy is on the rise for the first time since 1990 is so sobering” (Brown 11). Teen pregnancy just keeps happening and increasing. It is a never ending process. Adolescents also struggle with finding health care that they need. Most cannot afford to pay to go to the doctor, causing them to get sick or for the baby to get sick. We should give them the health care that they need without them having to worry about having money or not being able to get the kid to the doctor and being able to afford buying the necessity’s that they need for the baby and themselves.

Teen age pregnancy is never going to come to an end. It has always been around and will always be around. Instead of the teens having to give up their babies, society should do more things to help the teens so that they can keep their child. Teens’ keeping their baby is very important, they have a bond with that child that nobody will be able to have. Teens should have the opportunity to be able to raise their child without struggling, and worrying about not being able to make it. It may be hard to raise a child but with the help that they can get many would be able to do it. Schools should set up in school programs so that when teens get pregnant they do not have to drop out of school. Some schools have already taken these programs into effect and have gotten positive results on it.

“Thanks to the GRADS program through Collins Career Center, those teen parents have somewhere to turn to for parenting education and moral support” (Goodman 1). Most teens do not get to keep their baby because they cannot put forth the finical needs that they need to care for their child and them their self. “The reason so many teen parents end up as negative statistics is because they one, lack a simple support system and two, they don’t get the same respect as the older mamas get” (Chait 1).

Society should make programs and support groups, so that adolescents can keep their child. Being able to keep their child is very important I think. If the teen carries the baby for 9 months they get attached to their baby. It is also good for the child to be around, and know the birth parents. A child needs to know who their parents are and to be raised by them or the child will always think that their parents did not love them enough, so they gave them away. Many adopted kids spend a lot of time in their life looking for their real parents, this is a reason teens should keep their baby.

I can help this issue by talking to people and trying to get support groups to help the teens that are willing to give up their teenage life an raise their baby them self. I can also talk to my community about getting systems put in schools that have in-site daycares, or programs that help with the child, while the parents are going to school. If one school around our community puts for the effort to help teen pregnancy than maybe it will take off into action and others around will start to put them in their schools too.

Teen pregnancy is always going to be a problem. Even if the statics fall or rise each year it will always be an issue in the United State. Some people in society have gotten use to adolescents having babies since it is always going to be a problem. Society just needs to put into act and help the teens that are having trouble with the issue.

There is nothing much you can do but give them the support that they need to make it through their lives and make the lives for the baby all that they need to support their kid. Schools should introduce programs into their school that help out the parenting teen mother that is still trying to make it through her high school years. Programs should also be listed in schools that are outside of school that help the teen get what they need in order to make it. Teen pregnancy occurs in the United States regularly; however, society can impact teen pregnancy issues by promoting health and safety through the provision of contraceptions, giving teen’s information about parenting, and providing financial support.

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