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Whos Is to Blame for Death of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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The mechanism of fate works in all the events that these star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, come upon. Their feelings towards each other was never forced upon, Romeo already had feelings for another woman. Friar Lawrence’s plan was pretty well thought through and fool proof. The odds that two people from two opposing households could come together and fall in love head over heels for each other was never planned, but rather fate has brought them together. In spite of Romeos plan to marry Rosaline, fates plan was to meet and fall in love with Juliet.

Before the ball, Romeo’s heart belonged to Rosaline; no other woman could have come between that. It was never intended for Romeo and Juliet to meet but as soon as they laid eyes upon each other, it was love at first. In Act 1, Scene 3, Romeo tells a Capulet servant: “What lady is that which doth enrich the hand” indicating that as soon as he saw Juliet, even before they talked, Romeo fell in love. Romeo completely forgot about Rosaline once he saw Juliet, just as he mentioned in Act 2, Scene 3, “With Rosaline, my ghostly father? No! I have forgotten that name, and a name as woe. It was fate that brought them together at the ball.

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The instant love that Romeo and Juliet had was never forced upon, it was fate that made this happen. In spite of their marriage to solidify their union and live a life happily ever after, fate was still in control of the outcome. Romeo and Juliet were from two households that had a feud going on between them. The fact that they fell in love with all the hatred going on between the families was all fates plan. Friar Laurence said to Romeo in Act 2, Scene 3: “In one respect I’ll thy assist be; for this alliance may so happy prove, to turn household’s rancour to pure love. He thought that by marrying Romeo and Juliet, the feud going on between the families might come to an alliance.

However, marrying Romeo and Juliet only made the spark bigger between the families resulting in more deaths. It was fates decision whether the marriage allow the feud to come to an end or cause more anger with Romeo and Juliet’s love. No one, including Friar Laurence or the act of marriage else had and control of the outcome of their relationship but rather it was in fates hands. In spite of a plan to fake Juliet’s death so that they are reed from the families feud and can live happily ever after, fate had control of their tragic destiny. Friar Laurence wanted to help Romeo and Juliet. He even thought of a plan that was quite frankly fool proof.

His plan was for Juliet to drink an elixir that made her appear dead. When Romeo goes off to look for her in the Capulet Tombs, she would wake up and they would escape together. It wasn’t intended for Balthasar to go off and tell Romeo that Juliet was dead. Once Romeo found Juliet “dead”, he drank the poison only 10 seconds before she woke up.

If Romeo had only waited 10 seconds before drinking the potion, Juliet would have woken up and the could have escaped together. Juliet, head over heels for Romeo, seeing him head only thought of killing herself. Fate brought this story to a terrible end. Fate is a very powerful force that predetermines events. No one can ever have complete control to what the outcome of a situation will be, such as the outcome of Romeo and Juliet’s. No one could have prevented Romeo and Juliet meeting at the ball. No one could have changed the tragic ending from which this story comes to. Only fate is to blame to the outcome of this story.

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