Who To Love Essay

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Who To Love

To begin, all of these stories are similar. This paper is going to be about how they are all similar. This is going to be about all of the stories that I read. The stories that I read are “Sweet Potato Pie” by Eugenia Collier “Initiation” by Sylvian Plath, and “Lalla” by Rosamunde Pilcher. These were three great stories and all of their plots were very similar so everyone figured the plots out. Firstly, this is going to be about the short story that this class read called “Sweet Potato Pie” by Eugenia Collier.

This is a great story and it is about a family that cannot afford to send all of their kids to school so they can only send one. They send this kid to school and then he goes to college. Then he turns into the most educated one out of all of them and he makes the most money. He also has to learn though that he has to love his family the same and treat them the same as always. The next short story that we read is called “Lalla” by Rosamunde Pilcher. This is a very good story about young people in love. The life lesson in this story is to always follow your heart.

Lalla discovers if she follows her heart it will always lead her in the right direction. An example of this situation in this story is when Lalla goes back to Carwheel to see Godfrey again, and to be with Godfrey forever. This really explains this story because she doesn’t follow her heart the whole time until the end. To wrap it up this short story tells us all to follow our hearts and everything will be okay. Now this will be about the short story “Initiation” by Sylvian Plath. This story is about a girl that has to go through a thing called “Initiation.

” This stories life lesson is to not do stuff just because other people are doing it. I think this should happen because when people are not themselves they tend to be friends with the wrong people and lose their good friends. That is an example of not doing stuff because other people are doing it. In this short story the life lesson that the class learned is to always be yourself no matter what other people are doing. Lastly, all three of these stories talked about how and who people should love. Love is a great thing and it should always be devoted towards

the persons family and others that they truly love. These three stories tell us this because no matter what these people in these stories always love their family. These stories were also about how people should follow their heart. All of these people in these stories follow their heart on who they should love and their heart always takes them in the right direction. All in all these stories are all very similar. These stories all teach people to follow their heart. It also teaches people to love who they want. It is all about loving the family and always following your heart to the right people.

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