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Who Should Pay for College?

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Long times ago, people believe that college education is a way of training an ignorant man to be knowledgeable. Many people believe that education can make our society better. With this thought keep in human’s mind, there is a controversial argument left to people that is who should pay for the college-the Public or private. Some people believed that education should be public, such as, education affordable by using taxpayer’s money to help pay for it.

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But it is not all of people standing by this side anymore, because some of people who are contribute their taxed money to pay college have begin to against the public education because what if students are learning nothing and sleeping in the class.

Therefore, more and more people refuse to pay their tax to college. It is a common belief that students have to pay their tuition by earning scholarship, making loan program, and getting part-time jobs.

No one can get a free lunch; it means if a man desires something that he or she has the responsibility to pay for it. Even public education takes the opportunity to everyone to get the higher education, but higher education is needless and waste to some people. “Britain led the Industrial Revolution without significant government-funded higher education, while the Soviet Union poured public funds into higher education to little positive effect”(Terence). In private education, for students who are not able to pay tuition, they can get assistance from college if he really wants to learn something from college.

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Every department of college provided many opportunities of scholarship to students whose GPA is pretty well every quarter. It is a fund to student who is trying hard to focus on his course and pay attention to follow his instructor well.

If student who is earn the scholarship that may not cover the entire charging, but it still can make the tuition affordable by his own work without taxpayer’s help. That is a way to encourage students work hard. Commonly, people are glad to help the weak side that student who is unable to afford their class but working hard on their class. People believe it is perfectly to allocate the differ tuition to students which depends on students desire to learn or not.

Of course if the student is rich enough, he can also taking college even nothing to learn during educate time but provide the money to best student who is not rich enough. There is a similarly model from vehicle’s insurance company to differ the payment of different student that is students whose GPA over 3.0 can get a 20 percent discount from the insurance company. Private education is fair to everyone in the higher education, and also it can make students understand how important of “competition” in the future. Do not waste the time and money to unnecessary that is the reason of most people believed private education is better to entire people.

In the public college, the tuition is cheaper than private college because taxpayers contributed their money to public education. That’s the reason cause a lot of students who are taking class in public education always study careless and waste taxpayers’ money because more tuition is taking from the taxpayer. Once, taxpayers wouldn’t want to contribute money to them. People believe that students will work hard in the college by using their own money to pay their tuition. So, loan is the better way to their tuition fee. “social justice argues that people from less-privileged back-grounds should be subsidized in their higher education, and such people may be deterred from optimizing their human capital by the fees and loan systems of the private sector”(Terence). There are some students would focus on their favor course, they doesn’t care about anything else.

Those students just want to earn skills from major class which is helpful and related for their future work. The result of them is major classes well but overall classes can be not wonderful. For those students, they can’t get the scholarship in anyway. Somehow, students who are favored to earn skills from major class, they already arranged their future schedule to earn money with their skills that learned in the college. The point is they are going to earn money in the future with the skills they learned in the college, so they have to pay for it no matter they can afford or not just because the skills they learned in the college bring the profit to them. This is the economic common rule and nobody could break it. Now, it is pretty easy to answer this question: to borrow the costs from somebody else and return the costs and interest in a period.

President Obama, he graduated from a private university Harvard by loan money to pay for his tuition, and then he paid all loan money back just few years ago. President Obama is a man who gets a lot of benefit from the loan program in the private education. He won’t be President if he hasn’t graduated from Harvard by loaned money to pay his tuition. Few days ago, President Obama travelled several campuses. He highly supports the loan program to student and shares his own experience when he visited in North California University.

“We didn’t come from wealthy families. So when we graduated from college and law school, we had a mountain of debt. When we married, we got poor together.”(Obama). Local students can easily to apply this program with promise. The students who are applying this program in the private university will be study very hard in the college because they understand they have the liability to pay back. Also, it cans courage students to do the right even in the future work.

In the public college, some of students taking the general education class just because it is required to them. They don’t take those classes seriously; they can retake any classes over and over again even they failed from those classes, because the most part of tuition was paid by others. “It’s hard to secure a cheap private loan against a potential increase in human capital”(Terence). This is the important behavior making people wouldn’t to make the tuition affordable to everyone. It is waste time and money what if students sitting in the classroom but learn nothing, and this phenomenon will never appear in private university due to the students pay the higher tuition with their own. “Consequently, countries where higher education has been left largely to the market have built privately funded universities.

Sometimes-as in the cases of Harvard, Yale or Princeton- they have been tolerably good.”(Terence). The best way to students is making the public college to be privately that getting a part-time job in order to pay tuition by their own. Some young student feel that college class is nothing helps with them, but they have to understand that they have to pay it by itself no matter they think about it is a requirement. When they take a part-time job, they will realized how important about college class. Taxpayers do not want to pay for students who do not study hard in public college; students do not pay attention to required classes because they do not think they are important. In a marketing class of CSUEB, there is a old student who dropped all the classes from public college because he doesn’t care about the education over ten years ago, he decided operate his own Real Estates business.

At the beginning of his business, he earns a lot of money and he said that college just waste of time. But few years later, he got a big problem during the global financial storm in 2009. At that time, the economic goes down and the price of house decrease rapidly, he tried to control over his business but he found he is out of the knowledge about the skills. The result was that he shut down the business and returned to the college to learn. Once, he said to classmate that he was fool when he left the college to go to job, if he had the knowledge from college classes the result could be different. Right now, he said that he would spend all the money to study in the college. Though this case, workers who did not finished their college classes find out the importance of the education. Therefore, students should work to realize the value of the classes whether in public or private.

To sum up, students are better to pay for the college by themselves due to they have the responsibility to pay for learn, they can get loan if they can’t afford it, and they would cherisher their life after they work hard to afford the tuition. The government’s policy is good for parts of students, but not fair to everyone. However, there is a part of students who should be considered as exceptions. Students whose family are really poor, they can apply the opportunity to get the discount or completely free on their tuition. Commonly, even public education can delivery knowledge to people, but most people can see the private education is stronger than public because it can be benefit all. Therefore, college students should pay for the tuition by themselves.

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