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Who Is the Tragic Hero in Antigone?

From the beginning of time, there have been numerous individuals known as tragic heroes. The greater part of these individuals has done superb things to support society. Be that as it may, in writing there is another kind of legend, the unfortunate tragic hero. While deplorable legends do awesome things as well, they likewise have a character blemish that causes their destruction alongside others. This article is to demonstrate that in the play “Antigone”, composed by Sophocles, Creon is a shocking legend.

One of the prerequisites to be viewed as a terrible legend is the individual must be of honorable birth. Creon was the child of Menoeceus and the sibling of Jocasta.

He was likewise the brother by marriage and uncle of Oedipus. Creon progressed toward becoming lord when Oedipus was ousted and he wedded Eurydice and had two youngsters, Megabus and Haimon. Creon is the lord of Thebes and every one of these individuals is of respectable birth so in this manner Creon can be viewed as a tragic hero.

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To be a shocking legend you should likewise realize your own destruction alongside the ruin of others. Creon demonstrates this toward the finish of the play. He realizes his own destruction by killing Antigone. Whenever Haimon and Eurydice discover that Antigone is dead the two of them execute themselves.

Indeed, even idea Creon didn’t really slaughter himself regardless he realized his ruin genuinely and now abhors himself. This is another reasonable certainty that Creon is a tragic hero. Another necessity of being a tragic hero is having an appalling identity imperfection.

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Creon’s shocking blemish is that he is excessively difficult and gives his respect a chance to impede his choices. Whenever Eteocles and Polyneices slaughtered one another, Creon gave Eteocles full military internment and declared that Polyneices ought to be left to spoil. At the point when Antigone heard this, she covered her sibling Polyneices in any case.

Creon condemned her to death and would not alter his perspective since he figured he would look weak to his people. This determination made him murder Antigone. Creon’s obstinacy is his disastrous defect, which is appeared all through the play. These actualities unmistakably demonstrate that Creon, from the play “Antigone” composed by Sophocles, is a tragic hero. He is respectable, he caused the defeat of himself as well as other people and he has a shocking blemish. Despite the fact that these things may appear to be increasingly similar to the qualities of a villain, he is as yet thought to be a hero in writing.

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