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Who is the REAL monster in Frankenstein?

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Essay, Pages 3 (741 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (741 words)

He said, ‘I thought that if I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter, I might in process of time… renew life where death had apparently devoured the body. ‘ All Frankenstein wanted to do was save mankind from death and illness, and that was why he had begun his, “project. ” He said he wanted to, ‘… pour a torrent of life into our dark world. ‘ All he wanted was to put smiles onto sad and lonely faces. Frankenstein was definitely a family man.

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He loved his family and Elizabeth dearly. ‘I looked upon Elizabeth as mine – mine to protect, love, and cherish.

‘ He felt as a sort of brother to her – he needed to protect her and at the same time have her comfort him also. He also mentioned, ‘I loved my brothers, Elizabeth, and Clerval,’ suggesting that there is no monster in him – just a man protective of his family and close friends. No way did he want that creature near them, or anything from that dark side of his world.

Frankenstein also had a compassionate side. He said, ‘I was moved,’ (when The Creature told his story to his creator). He even felt enough pity to begin to make The Creatures companion. ‘…

did I not as his maker, owe him all the portion of happiness that it was in my power to bestow? ‘ It was obvious that Victor felt compassion for his creature – and maybe even a little gilt. After all, he was created only to be abandoned. You could also tell that Victor regretted his actions as he said, ‘I compassionated him and sometimes felt a wish to console him,’ suggesting that Frankenstein wanted to help comfort his creation for all that he had been put through.

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Frankenstein blamed himself for the death of Justine, William, Clerval, and Elizabeth. He also felt that it was his duty to destroy his creation because of it.

He even went out of his way to travel around the world chasing The Creature – trying to kill it once and for all. However, I believe that if Frankenstein had done this then it would only have made him as bad as The Creature. After all, The Creature had no one to teach it right from wrong, but Victor did. Had Victor embraced The Creature as his “son,” and brought him up, educated him, loved him, and protected him, then the situation would have been completely different. The Creature would have learnt to ignore other people for hating him for his looks (as such a child would when being bullied).

The Creature would have grown up to love Victor, and under no circumstances would have he needed to try and murder Victors family members and close friends. I believe that The Creature should not have been made in the first place if it was to be treated in the way it was originally. Frankenstein spent months trying to create The Creature in order to kill him again! There was definitely no point in putting The Creature through that much trauma and pain, so therefore he should not have been created to endure so much for nothing. In conclusion, I believe that both The Creature and Frankenstein had certain inhumane traits about them.

However, I believe that Frankenstein is the real monster in all of this. It is true that The Creature murdered in cold blood. Yet it was justified. His creator had created him only in order to abandon him and put him through pain and misery throughout the whole of his life! The Creature had grown up only to face hate and discrimination – he knew only greed and monstrosity. He didn’t know right from wrong seeing as Frankenstein hadn’t even bothered to stick around. The Creature was never a complete monster, as he did show his capacity for love and kindness.

Moreover, if he had been brought up properly with Frankenstein as his, “father,” then The Creature would have had a totally different life and lifestyle. He wouldn’t have felt neglected, and more importantly, he wouldn’t have needed to have his revenge on his creator. After all, it wasn’t the creatures fault. He hadn’t asked to be made! ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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