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“Better a neighbor near than a brother far off”. This idiom is exactly with any family in modern life. As you know, set up social relationships is the most important thing to improve and develop your position in present-day. Neighbor relationships are also necessary, but many people do not care about it. What’s more, they do not know exactly what is “ good neighbor” mean.

First of all, a good neighbor is could be understood simply is do not disturb to other families.

Making too much noise is the most taboo thing. Actually, many houses do not install muffling system, therefore the sound can easily go through from this house to another. A typical example is in Vietnam, at the weekend, they usually gather and sing karaoke.

The loud sound from the speaker is extremely bothered to people. If they do not change the volume of the sound lower, maybe a neighbor relationship can be broken. Besides, try not to borrow anything, but if you must, remember to return the item immediately after using it.

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In a town does not have a local market, neighbors usually ask for some ingredients such as lemon, red pepper, garlic, and more. Although it sounds likely normal, if it repeats much time, it really bothers to neighbors.

Finally, a good neighbor is always keeping clean anywhere. The relationship with neighbors can be affected by how their home looks, inside and outside. Keeping clean outside as important as inside. The leaves from your trees fall into the neighbor’s garden or more serious is litter from your pets.

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It makes the neighbors else really exhausted and adverse effect to the neighbor relationship.

Secondly, a nice neighbor is also an open-minded and friendly people. They always willing to welcome new neighbors, or if they move to a new place, they will make an effort to introduce themselves to their neighbors. Being friendly helps them to build a trusting and respectful relationship. Basically, they will greet their neighbors whenever they see them, exchange the number in case of an emergency.

In addition, the good neighbor usually spends time talking and sharing stories of their life with other people. More communication, more understanding, but be noticed don’t be the neighborhood gossip. That’s just rude and can break the neighbor relationship. Inviting the neighbors to their big parties is also a good way to contribute to the relationship.

By their friendliness, the neighbors have a much better feeling than if they weren’t invited and had to listen to the sound of the noisy party. Besides, when they have a problem with their neighbors, they will discuss an issue in an mature manner; they will take the middle ground when trying to resolve a solution. It will help build your relationship with neighbors.

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