Who I am? Essay

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Who I am?

Why am I the way I am? This question has entered my mind quite a bit in the past ten years. Growing up I have found myself to be quite different then the rest of my peers. My interests in life and other cultures around the world were lots different then individuals I was around. After being in this class the past several weeks I have began to find some answer to the question. My findings have rooted from chapter one, where I found developmental psychology, behavioral psychology and personality psychology being the root of the person I have become today.

After reading about developmental psychology, the study of how people grow and change from the moment of conception through death, I realized it was the number one reason we develop into the individuals we are (4). This shows that some of who we are comes strictly from genetics and the other from things we encounter throughout life. Once reading this I started to understand quite a bit about me. I definately got my mothers genes. My heart is bigger than the ocean, much like hers, which is the root of how I think and respond to everything. That along with all I experienced from being a military child and moving around the world makes up a lot of my being. I soon started realizing that if I weren’t raised in a military household and genetically made the way I am, my thoughts on life may be completely different.

Finding myself still curious I started to read about social psychology, the study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are affeccted by others (5). Due to my fathers job in the Army my family moved at least every two years. This placed me in a total of eighteen different schools thoughout life. Social psychology linked to the fact that I am so open minded. I feel me being around so many different types of people opened my mind to knowing there are several cultures and ways of life aside from mine. This explained a lot about why I felt so different from others through out life in the way I think. I now know that if I weren’t influeced by many cultures I would probably think more narrow minded due to pure ignorance. It’s hard for the human mind to think outside the bubble in which they live.

Lastly I studied personality psychology, which focuses on the consistency in people’s behavior over time and the traits that differentiate one person from another (5). After reading about this type of psychology I realized the final piece of who I am comes from me. My personailty is a combination of my morals and values along with likes and dislikes. I found throughout life we as individuals change in little ways as we develope into adults, but ultimately stay the same in our ways. My personality was set as a young child and then shaped a bit along this journey we call life.

Thanks to the study of psychology encompassing what people do, think, feel, perceive, and remember, I now have a better idea of myself. The root of me comes from developmental, social and personality psychology but all types of psychology make up us human beings. I look forward to the rest of this class and learning even more about the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

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