Whitney Houston albums and singles

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Was the most talented female-vocalist to ever live. She will always be a legend that no one will ever forget. Whitney is still loved for her hardwork and dedication. Whitney Houston has recorded so many amazing albums and single-hits. Although she went through a rough patch, she will always still be an astounding musician. Whitney Houston is the legend of music. Whitney Houston is so well known by so many people and she is so inspiring because of how she has lived.

Little Whitney Houston was so excited when her mother began to let her sing in the choir. Whitney Houston was very talented even when she was only 4 years old, Cissy, Whitney´s mother would not let her sing a solo until she was eleven.

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Cissy made Whitney sing in the church choir to learn how to harmonize and control her voice. Whitney Houston had so many possibilities in her voice. Knowing this, Cissy finally let her sing her debut solo at the church when she was eleven. Houston did amazingly well and from that moment Cissy knew she was going to raise a legend of music. As Whitney got older, she wanted nothing more than to record an album or song. Houston’s mother Cissy, would not let Whitney record or sign with a recording company until Whitney was out of high school and graduated. Whitney needed something to do if she couldn’t pursue music yet. Houston at the age of 15 decided to work for a popular modeling group called Seventeen.

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She was the first colored teenage girl to be apart of the group Being apart of Seventeen really put Houston out there when she started recording songs. As Whitney grew older, her fame was getting tremendously larger everyday. Although Whitney’s mom never let her sign with a recording company until after graduation, Whitney did not give up on her dream. Whitney’s biggest dream was to sign with a recording company. Cissy would not let her daughter like I said before sign with anyone until after graduation! Her reason behind this was because she didn’t want Whitney to get distracted. Finally, Whitney released her first album simply named Whitney Houston in 1985, she was instantly named a popstar. Later, she produced 3 number-one-singles “Saving All My Love for You,” “How Will I Know,” “Greatest Love of All.”

Finally, when Cissy finally did let Whitney sign with a recording company, she had a tough decision to make. With all of the recording companies flowing in with offers, Whitney finally signed with Arista and its crew. In fact, Arista was so successful with so many earlier recording artists she had signed with; Janis Joplin, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, etc, once stated by Whitney Houston knew she had made the right choice. Arista and Whitney did so well together producing and recording so may hit songs and albums that are so popular today. Aside from her music, Whitney was part of so many movies. These movies became so popular. Her talent had extended so much from music to movies in an instant. In fact, the most popular movie she was in was The Bodyguard (1992).

She also appeared in another popular movie called Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) playing Fairy Godmother. The movie was also an Emmy- Nominated project! This was such an accomplishment to Whitney Houston’s career and future. Whitney Houston had so much talent, and she is and will always be the queen of music and movies. Marriage and Family is the best thing to look forward to in your later life. On the other hand, Whitney’s story is a bit different. Being married to Bobby Brown was one of Whitney’s biggest downfalls in her life and her career as well. Although Whitney and Bobby had a beautiful baby girl, Whitney didn’t need to be with him. The marriage of Bobby and Whitney led to the use of drugs such as; cocaine and meth. In 2007, Whitney and Bobby finally decided to divorce. Houston admitted about her drug use to Oprah Winfrey. Her fans were looking for a comeback from Whitney in 2009.

“She and her husband rhythm-and-blues singer Bobby Brown, divorced 2007 nearly after 15 years of marriage,” once stated  Bobby had been accused of drug use before being married to Whitney Houston. Bobby Brown turned into loving music as well. A long road of marriage led to their divorce in 2007. Bobby and Whitney’s drug usage was starting to spread all over the media and news. These rumors were starting to destroy Whitney’s social life and career as well. In 2009, Whitney decided to join drug rehab and get help. Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney’s only child went on living her life after her mother passed away. Until 3 years after her mother’s death she was found the same way unconscious in her bathtub. People had so many questions how this could’ve happened. In July 2015, Bobbi Brown was declared dead.

Police thought her death was too coincidental to be just like her mother’s death. So, police started questioning the boyfriend but he was proven innocent later in court. Therefore, Whitney’s marriage and family had all fallen apart and isn’t perfect like everyone thought it was. Aside from her stressful career, Whitney loved to help those around her an anyway she could. The world will never forget her acts of kindness along with her beautiful and talented voice. In 2001, she combined both kindness and talent. On September 2011, there was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Whitney sang the “Star-Spangled Banner,” at the Superbowl in 1991 and became a hit once stated by  All of the sales and profits of this single were donated to the firefighters, police, and victims of this horrific attack on the World Trade Center.

“In 1989, Houston established the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, a nonprofit organization focusing on worldwide issues from homelessness and cancer/AIDs to self-empowerment” stated by Whitney Houston was not only devoted to help save lives of so many individuals. By creating the Whitney Houston Foundation in 1989 this helped with worldwide problems from no home to cancer for children.Whitney was such a caring person. I believe that is why so many people loved her so much. She not only cared about herself but also for so many others. Whitney also set up a group for children to help with self empowerment. Whitney helped save lives of so many children and empowered them for generations to come.

“Houston died in a suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11, just hours before the Annual Pre-Grammy Gala hosted by Davis and the Recording Company” said by (Mitchell,2012.) Nobody could’ve been ready for such a catastrophic event in the face of music. The night of February 11,2012 was such a horrific night to so many people. Just hours before the Pre- Grammy hosted by Davis, Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub at a Beverly Hilton Hotel. The cause of death appeared to be an accidental drowning. But how does someone at the age of 48 “accidentally drown” in a bathtub? That night Davis stated, “She had such an amazing and beautiful talent that was the future of music.” So many people were confused on how this could’ve happened .

A coroner’s report released in March stated the cause of death was an accidental drowning with a heart disease caused by using cocaine in previous years. Whitney Houston, the voice of music the legend the greatest of all was now gone but never forgotten. The life of Whitney Houston is a story most people have heard about. She is and will always be the one true legend of music. This astonishing musician recorded so many songs and albums. From her childhood, early career, marriage and family, all lead up to the most horrific death. Although she didn’t always have a great life, she was always determined to do her greatest. Whitney Houston withheld a very hard life, but she lived that life well. Whitney Houston not only dedicated her life to music but also t o the many people in this world. “There is no elevator to success,” once said by someone. Houston definitely knew this concept. Finally, Whitney Houston the most successful musician to ever live, went up the stairs of life and succeeded in her career.


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